Watch how this 100 year old ballerina performs flawless final routine

Not making the most of your life is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Growing up doesn’t mean that you have to do less of the things you love and get you excited.Suzelle Poole is an 83-year-old English ballet dancer, dance teacher, and author who is also known as Madame Poole.During the war, a bomb hit the garden where Suzelle’s family lived. None of them were hurt by the blast, which was a good thing.

After the war, her whole family moved to Canada. There, she took her first dance class, which got her interested in ballet.Suzelle had a great gift for ballet from a very young age. She began dancing ballet when she was only 10 years old.She met an opera singer later on, and they ended up getting married and moving to Houston, Texas.She started her own ballet school and taught young dancers, who called her Madame Poole.

Madame Poole said that her love of dancing comes from her wish to help other people. “I like to help people,” she said. The people around me taught me that. And I believe dancing helps people. I enjoy dancing a lot. At my age, it keeps me healthy for sure. It makes me want to move around. A lot of people my age just sit. Dancing is a good way to stay fit.”In 2018, Suzelle danced the famous piece “Dying Swan” while wearing ballet shoes with wooden blocks on the toes.

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