Long-time best friends of 30-years build a tiny town where they can grow old together. Take a look inside

How do you want to spend your time when you’re old? Why couldn’t they live in a small town with their best friends? When they all had busy lives and schedules, a group of Texas couples chose almost 30 years ago to guarantee themselves a lifetime of group vacations. The couples agreed to start their own small town so they could be closer to each other and to nature.

Interior view of the tiny cottage

Outside of Austin, Texas, they have built a village called the “Llano Exit Strategy,” which is made up of four small cottages facing the Llano River. They talked about their options over a few glasses of wine and dinners. According to Outside, their options went from buying a fleet of expensive Airstream trailers to buying a piece of land on the Texas coast, which is also expensive and far.

When they finally settled down in one place, they changed into a more sensible group.Three of the four couples lived in Austin, so their “exit strategy” had to be within 90 minutes of the city. Otherwise, it would be hard to visit and keep up with each other. The living area needs to be big enough for the four couples to spend as much time as possible together.

Each couple also needs their own beds and bathrooms, and the house needs to be as green as possible.Jodi Zipp and her husband, Fred, led the search. According to Jodi, they wanted a place where they could spend a lot of time together eating, drinking, and hanging out, but where people could also get away from the group when they needed to.

The Commons building of the tiny town

In states like Vermont, California, and Colorado, the tiny-house trend was getting bigger. Miniature houses, which are usually less than 1,000 square feet, were made to look cool online and then built in real life, thanks to the 2008 recession and the idea that less is more when it comes to living areas.When the group bought 10 acres of land on the Llano River in March 2011 and talked to builder Matt Garcia about possible plans, it was a happy accident.

\The huge wooden table at the Commons building.

Garcia showed a small town with small, eco-friendly houses to show that not everything in Texas must be bigger.Read on to find out more about the best friends’ small town:

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