Girl Dubbed ‘Monkey’ Due to a Birthmark Covering 80% of Her Body. At 25 Her Beauty Amazes

Beatriz Pugliese, a Brazilian woman, has a nevus birthmark that spans 80% of her body. Pugliese’s skin ailment is extremely rare, affecting one in every 500,000 people. Pugliese is a lab assistant who was referred to Hospital das Clinicas after undergoing 30 procedures. She underwent her first surgical operation when she was six months old, but as she grew older, additional birthmarks appeared.

The 25-year-old revealed that some of her birthmarks needed to be removed since they were too large to be exposed to the sun. Doctors concentrated on regions that needed attention, such as Pugliese’s arms and legs, because she had much of her body covered. Her mother recalled the doctor’s concern the day she gave birth to Pugliese.

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She could tell something was awry even before she was told how her daughter appeared. It was difficult for a mother to watch her baby suffer surgery after operation.Pugliese underwent two surgeries a year, and she spent most of her youth with her legs bandaged due to skin grafts cut from her legs and calf to conceal her birthmarks.

However, the recovery period was a long and agonizing three months. She stated that she would spend the entire time in bed since walking or moving was too difficult. Pugliese, on the other hand, never forgets to apply sunscreen.Growing up, Pugliese was touched by one occurrence. She recalled a boy from her school telling everyone that her complexion resembled that of a “monkey.

Beatriz Pugliese as a baby | Source:

“What affected her the most was that it was said to her face, and the experience stayed with her for a long time. Pugliese went on to say, “‘Some would call me a Dalmatian because of how my birthmark is, and then they’d all laugh at me.” Despite the fact that many people were unkind to her, she had friends who loved her and did not make her feel abnormal. She tried not to be affected by the comments, but some days were more difficult than others.

She often wondered what her life would have been like if she hadn’t had her spots and how much of a different person she would have become.Pugliese, on the other hand, learned that her skin served a crucial function in preserving her vital organs, which prompted her to begin enjoying herself.
Her decision to quit having skin treatments or surgery was part of her self-acceptance journey.

Pugliese is content with her physique as it is.Pugliese knows her family loves her in addition to herself. Her parents never made her feel different or treated her differently due to her skin problem. The lab assistant may have grown up being mocked, but her husband, Felipe, saw her beyond her birthmarks. When she was 19, they met at a World Cup soccer match.

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Felipe looked around as Pugliese called out to someone. Suddenly, the two got into a long, passionate argument, which led to their lovely bond and, now, marriage.Pugliese’s birthmarks are the most beautiful feature about her, according to Felipe. He also claimed to have told his wife that if it hadn’t been for her birthmarks, he would not have engaged in that extended debate or even been attracted to her.

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Felip adores his wife and even has a few favorite birthmarks, including one dubbed “Birthmark of the Queens.” Pugliese’s husband isn’t the only one who thinks she’s stunning; numerous YouTube fans couldn’t stop admiring her.One netizen commented that she was so stunning that her skin appeared like “natural tattoos.”

Beatriz Pugliese and her husband Felipe | Source:

Another user agreed, adding Pugliese looked like a picture. “She is a living art,” another said, with another observer saying, “80% covered in birthmarks, 100% pure beauty.” Pugliese wishes everyone happiness in all facets of their lives, particularly the differences that make us all distinct.

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