Parents Who Nearly Gave Up Twins Because Of Down Syndrome Are So Glad They Didn’t

When we imagine the children God will bless us with, we envision them as joyful, whole, and capable of accomplishing great things in the world. No parent ever expects to learn that their child has special needs.It hit me like a gut punch when I found out my daughter was on the autism spectrum. I was always curious about what her life will be like. Fast forward 23 years, and I now have three autistic children.

My feelings echo Dan and Julie’s, and I am blessed and appreciative for how uniquely created they are, how they perceive the world, and what they bring to mine. Fear of the unknown is the most difficult obstacle to overcome when raising special needs children. Dan and Julie didn’t think they were prepared to care for twin boys with Down Syndrome at first. Instead of terminating the pregnancies, they decided to adopt their sons.

“We were terrified, scared, and worried, and we didn’t know if we could handle the responsibility,” Julie said.They had even discovered a family who was interested in adopting their boys. But something tugged at Julie’s heart, and her husband felt the same way. One moment forever altered their hearts and lives.

Julie and Dan contacted a Down Syndrome organization, which demonstrated to them what their twins were capable of. The anxiety of the unknowns that had gripped their hearts had dissipated as love filled their hearts with excitement about seeing their twins. Milo and Charlie are seven-year-old twins who have impacted their parents’ lives in so many fantastic ways.

Julie’s fear of Down Syndrome was not only overcome by love, but she is also sharing her experience and life with the world through her Facebook page, ‘Milo and Charlie: Fearfully And Wonderfully Made.’ Julie invites us to take front-row seats to watch some of God’s most beautiful work made from the unexpected. What a stunning reminder that each and every one of God’s children is fearfully and wonderfully formed.

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