Greenville police department officer helps a homeless man reunite with family who lives 350 miles away

Greenville, South Carolina, police had a great moment after one of their officers assisted in reuniting a homeless guy with his family who lived in another state. Lieutenant Conroy is much more than just a cop. Aside from his job duties, he has another goal: to reconcile homeless persons in the neighborhood with their families.

The officer realized that having a family to support them would make it simpler for them to get back on their feet.Lieutenant Conroy encountered a man named Mr. Bryant while on duty. He’d been wandering around Greenville for two years, without a place to live and far from his family. This devastated the officer’s heart, so he worked tirelessly to help him rejoin with his family.

Lieutenant Conroy helps a homeless man reunite with his family.

Lieutenant Conroy was successful in locating Mr. Bryant’s family. They are currently in Virginia, 350 miles away from their current location. According to the Greenville Police Department, the man’s family was overjoyed that Mr. Bryant had been discovered. They drove from Virginia to South Carolina to retrieve him.The news about the reunion was shared on Facebook by the department.

“It’s heartwarming to see the positive impact of such efforts,” they said. The post astounded many people, and Lieutenant Conroy and the Greenville Police Department received many positive comments and compliments.”You’re at the top of the list as one of the best cops and all-around people.” In the upstate, he’s a great guy. “You always go above and beyond to help others,” commented Isa Brown, one of the respondents.

Lieutenant Conroy with Mr. Bryant.

“Wow! That’s fantastic! What a fantastic responsibility you have, Lt. Conroy. “Thank you, and thank you, Greenville Police Department,” said another. “Oh, I adore this! “May God continue to bless you, Lt. Conroy, to make an incredible difference,” Penni Reaves Deaton wrote. Homelessness is widespread in America, affecting about 500, 000 people.

Fortunately, police officers and other government agencies collaborate to solve this issue and reunite homeless people with their families.Recently, two New Jersey police officers assisted a homeless individual in reuniting with his family. He had been homeless for nearly 20 years and had lost contact with his relatives after moving to Florida. He hugged his daughter and granddaughter passionately and thanked the officers who assisted him during their emotional reunion.

Even in the midst of the pandemic, despite several constraints and hurdles, police officers continued to assist homeless individuals. They volunteered to find their loved ones in addition to assisting them with their basic needs.The Hillsboro Police Department assisted a homeless guy from Arizona in reuniting with his family three years ago. They shared the man’s story on Facebook with his photo, writing that he had certain difficulties that led to his homelessness.

Lieutenant Conroy of Greenville Police Department.

“He connected with one of our crisis intervention team officers a few months ago looking for help finding his family,” they said. “Even though the pandemic has made certain aspects of this difficult, we’re thrilled to report Scooter is now happily reunited with his brother and living safely with him in Arizona,” the Hillsboro Police Department wrote.

There are numerous accounts of police officers offering to assist the homeless after hearing their experiences. Though it is not their business to assist people in reuniting with their loved ones, they do it without expecting anything in return.

Lieutenant Conroy with the chief of Greenville Police Department

Bravo to these police officers who like assisting the homeless! May their compassion and goodwill spread and be emulated by other police personnel and civilians alike. In this video, Lieutenant Conroy performs a great act of kindness:

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