Looking at this father’s Instagram, you will undoubtedly desire children, and perhaps vice versa.

Simon Hooper, also known as Father of Daughters (FOD), rose to prominence thanks to his Instagram account. Day after day, he posts unvarnished images with a decent degree of humor about what it’s like to be a father of four children and the only man in the family. Unsurprisingly, Simon has nearly a million members.

1. I intended to take literally a minute for myself, but the youngster, who is depicting a scene from a cheap horror movie, does not allow me to do so. 2. Simon and his wife intended to dress the twins differently in order to emphasize their individuality and make it simpler to tell them apart. But it was not to be found! Girls want the same outfits, and fighting it is pointless.

3. They appear to be identical, but they approach the same problem in totally different ways. 5. When you tell kids not to get loud or splash in the restroom, exactly the opposite happens.

6. One of the babies spontaneously performed a single recumbent picket, and removing her from the tarmac was more difficult than removing crushed lipstick from the carpet. Then she stood up, gave her father a piercing stare, and went home as if nothing had occurred.7. According to Simon, practically all parents suffer from Stockholm syndrome. And he’s not wrong about anything!

8. Every parent goes through an essential period in their lives that is educational. Girls need to establish certain morals and teach them a lot, and all they need is a father to help them with this. 9. Simon attempts to take his daughters to more holidays and activities so that they are exposed to society from a young age.

10. When it comes to putting the kids to bed, all you need is an infinite amount of patience. And address the issue of anger management! Simon carried the twins in a carrier when they were very little. Nothing is more courageous than a father who knows how to care for his child.

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