How this Freezing Toddler Who Snuck Out Of House At 3 A.M. Saved By Pizza Delivery Driver is stunning!

A child snuck out of her home and onto the shadowy streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan, on a frigid February evening, as her mother slept blissfully.The 3-year-old child strolled through the abandoned parking lots of the city’s southwest side by herself, dressed only in a tee shirt, socks, and a diaper. She was cold and almost certainly scared, but most importantly, she was in danger.

Fortunately, the appropriate person noticed her out alone and realized something wasn’t right.Gabe Botello was delivering pizzas for Villa Pizza about 3 a.m. when he noticed the unattended toddler. He caught a glimpse of her in the McConnell parking lot, but she’d vanished by the time he’d dropped off the food to his clients and retraced his steps.

Gabe, a father of seven, refused to return to work until he found the little girl. He began looking for her in abandoned parking lots. He finally found her curled up between two cinderblock walls across the street at a factory loading dock. The concerned father jumped out of his car, removed his sweatshirt, and wrapped his daughter in it to keep her warm. He loaded her into his car and handed her some water while dialing 911.

“I had some water in my car, so she was drinking some water and I was just kind of like rubbing her back, letting her know she was okay, and she started falling asleep,” Gabe explained. “She was completely exhausted and cold.” When police came, they were able to find the toddler’s home, where they discovered her mother was sound asleep and believed her daughter was as well.

The Grand Rapids Police Department verified that this was an accident and that no charges will be filed.Gabe is adamant that he will not pass judgment on the child’s mother, and he hopes that no one else would either. He realizes, as a parent, that youngsters are quick to judge and don’t always listen when we tell them what’s best for them. He’s simply grateful he was the one who found her, especially in such a dangerous neighborhood.

“There are times when you want to turn a blind eye, but you never know [who] you’re saving,” Gabe explained. “That little girl could have been scooped up by anyone. Ionia and Wealthy isn’t the finest section of Grand Rapids, and there’s a lot of foot traffic over there, so I’m just grateful she made it home.

I’m relieved she’s okay.”Gabe not only did the right thing by finding the youngster and alerting the police, but his calm and sympathetic reaction to her mother warmed our hearts. It definitely does take a village at times, and we’re grateful that this seasoned father was present when a youngster needed him the most.

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