1960s Manicure Tips Reveal How Different Things Were Back Then

\The beauty industry is worth billions of dollars today, and nail care accounts for a sizable share of that market. We now have expert manicurists and a plethora of nail salons. Even home gel manicure setups and UV lights are reasonably priced. However, in the 1960s, nail polish and long nails were just getting started. As these advice from historical specialists demonstrate, the polish, techniques, and tools were significantly different back then.

According to nail professionals from the 1960s, boken nails can be repaired by placing a layer of nail polish over the top, letting it dry, and then immersing the nail in water to dissolve the raw tissue. The entire object is then painted with 5-6 coats of nail polish! This type of break can now be repaired with acrylic powder or even crazy glue.Another suggestion for swiftly drying freshly painted nails was to soak them in ice water.

Many nail specialists nowadays will warn you that this approach is not recommended because it temporarily hardens the nail polish but does not properly cure the polish as air drying would. This can result in undesirable texture or dents in the manicure, as well as chilled hands. To get rid of those bothersome nicotine stains that can destroy a manicure,

they suggested that women just hold their cigarette vertically so that the smoke does not pass across the manicure. Given this insight, the way vintage movie heroines hold their cigarettes makes a lot more sense!In the video below, you can see all of these 1960s tips and more. It’s amazing to think of how different the advise was back then!

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