Bikers learned that a Marine’s remains were being sent home in a USPS box and refused to allow it happen.

Our marines and soldiers put their lives in danger to safeguard ours. As a result, giving them a proper funeral service is a necessary. The Patriot Guard Riders, a US-based organization, has members dedicated to ensuring that our dead heroes receive the calm and honorable funeral they deserve. Patriot Guard Riders members guard funerals of fallen heroes from demonstrators and potential harassment. They also attend funerals for our homeless veterans.

The bikers occasionally throw homecoming ceremonies for troops returning home after serving overseas. A video of the Patriot Guard Riders’ dedication to serving our fallen soldiers has gone viral. When Staff Sgt. Jonathan Turner, a veteran who served seven deployments in Iraq and California, died, PGR riders were there to pay their final respects. Unfortunately, the 41-year-old veteran’s family is unable to go to California.

Knowing that they couldn’t let Turner’s remains be sent by FedEx, the Patriot Guard Riders volunteered to ensure that the veteran’s remains reached his family securely. “The California Patriot Guard Riders contacted all of the state captains from California to Georgia and explained the situation, that it wasn’t proper to ship this war hero home via FedEx,” Georgia Patriot Guard Riders’ Jeff Goodiel told Fox 5 Atlanta.

“Within days, a convoy was assembled, with each state’s Patriot Guard Riders driving Turner’s cremated remains across their state and then passing those remains off to the next group of riders.” Each state’s Patriot Guard Riders took turns delivering Turner’s cremated remains across the country until they reached his family members safely.

According to the group, the journey to deliver Turner’s remains was the longest of its kind. A hundred bikers volunteered to deliver Turner’s remains safely and went more than 2,000 kilometers. “It’s heartwarming to see all these people here,” Turner’s mother, Annie Glanton, said in an interview. “I know he was well-liked by many people.”

“Turner was a great leader who inspired his fellow Marines, both in the Corps and in daily life,” according to the PGR website, stressing how much Turner earned their respect and sacrifice. “Whether you knew him for five minutes or five years, you were his friend.” “He’d give you his shirt off his back.”Bikers might appear frightening and menacing, especially while riding their large motorcycles. However, beneath their harsh façade lurks a heart with a warm and thoughtful area.

Watch the video below to see how selfless and dutiful the Patriot Guard Riders are. Despite the fact that they did not serve their country by fighting in a war, they are great heroes in their own right!

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