Cooler than the queen: an elderly lady dresses up every Sunday but never leaves the house.

Every Saturday evening, the 82-year-old former teacher arranges carefully chosen jewelry and a hat on the dressing table before straightening and hanging a nicely pressed suit on the back of a chair. Every Sunday morning at eight o’clock, she gets up, gets ready, and dresses up. But the lady never leaves the house.

American churches began using virtual services more than a year ago. Early in the morning, the priest opens the church doors, activates Zoom on a smartphone or tablet, and begins the sermon. Everyone stays on their sofa as parishioners “come” to it. Someone goes on the air in their pjs, someone in their sweatpants, but not La Verne Ford Wimberly.Mrs. Wimberly, an 82-year-old retired teacher, is an inspiration to the entire parish.

She dresses up from head to toe for every Sunday sermon, from hat to stockings, and then shares a selfie on Facebook afterward. Going to church has always been an opportunity for many Metropolitan Baptist Church in Oklahoma parishioners to display themselves and observe others. When the United States went into lockdown, churches closed and began to offer services over the Internet, many parishioners thought there was no reason to bother with appearance any longer.

Mrs. Wimberly, on the other hand, decided that relaxing was impossible. If she deviates even little from the customary norms and restrictions, she will fall into a pit of despair. As a result, she dressed more meticulously than normal for the initial zoom service. She became a symbol of spiritual courage and inspiration for her parish. Their priest claims that the old lady’s heart is as lovely as her clothes.

La Verne was not always a fashionista; as a child, she favored sturdy trousers over ruffles and frills, and climbing the neighboring trees over any girlish activities. But one day, a fresh young instructor arrived at the school where La Verne was enrolled. Every day, the girl wore a new, carefully chosen, and magnificent outfit. “Good day, Mrs. Teacher!” the students said as they shook her hand.

Mrs. Teacher, you look fantastic!” The girl then resolved that when she grows up, she will also become a teacher, and she will set a positive example for students.Miss Wimberly began collecting her collection in her first year of teaching: beautiful extravagant hats that Queen Elizabeth herself would covet, lovely and magnificent costume jewelry, and carefully picked costumes.

Miss Wimberly married, advanced in her career, and retired as headmistress of the school, then quartermaster. Her husband passed away twelve years ago. Mrs. Wimberly’s beautiful style has remained consistent over the years. Throughout the years, she stayed in terrific form, allowing her to continue wearing numerous outfits from her youth — even if they went out of style, but not their elegance.

Mrs. Wimberly began attending church because she didn’t have a job to dress up for. And for the past 20 years, she has been spotted in the same spot, in the second section, in the last row, dressed to the nines. “The whole point was to inspire people and make them feel good,” said Wimberly, “so I’m happy it’s working.”

Missy Wimberly explained that when she had too many costumes, she had to devise an entire rotation system and color coding system to avoid repeating herself. She utilized it when she worked at school and still does. Since March 29, 2020, she has photographed herself in 53 various color clothes from her living room, each meticulously selected from crammed cupboards, a neat pile of assembled hat boxes, and jewelry cases.

She wanted to motivate people, and it worked — even her pastor says he is looking forward to the end of lockdown to see Mrs. Wimberly again, severe and exquisite, in her place is the second section, the last row.

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