The student was expecting a delivery from his mother with food, but it turned out to be altogether different.

A first-year student returned home for the winter holidays, had a fantastic time, and then returned to college, forgetting about his commitment to his mother. Of all, he has acquired a lot of essential things during his six-month absence from home, and it is easy to forget that he promised his mother to clean up the room and throw out the garbage. The winter holidays sped swiftly, and 18-year-old student Connor Cox returned to college.

He received a box from his mother a few days later. Oh, these long-awaited home news — with mom’s cooking and gifts! Connor, on the other hand, was in for a surprise: instead of pies and pickles, he was in the package… the garbage that he had never taken out of his room. Connor’s mother was furious that her son had broken his promise and left a shambles behind.

And the woman devised a visual representation of this.”I was shocked when I realized it was garbage.” “But then I remembered how I promised to throw it out,” Connor explained. The guy stated that his mother has an incredible sense of humor and that they could joke all day. “However, when it comes to being serious, it changes instantly.” “I’m not surprised by what she did,” adds Connor.

His family became famous overnight after he tweeted a picture of his mother’s gift on social media. The tale was told in the media, and Mom received both pity and thanks from the public, while Connor learned an important lesson. Keep your word and take out the garbage on a regular basis!

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