Parents have been hunting for their four-year-old son at a train station for five years. When they eventually discovered their kid, yet lacked the confidence to reunite with him…

It’s unclear what happened to Liu Quoqing and his wife Zhang Mei’s kid Liu Qiangqiang. Liu can only recollect it happening ten years ago while they were waiting for a train to the city to visit family. While they were buying food at the train station, their son wandered out without their knowledge. At the time, Qiangqiang was just four years old. The grieving parents then began a long and painful search for their missing kid.

They looked everywhere, including adjacent provinces, but couldn’t find him.It broke Liu and Zhang’s hearts when their son went missing. Zhang even experienced grief-related depression at one time. They were fortunate to have a daughter later on. Nonetheless, they felt as if something was missing in their lives without their son. They kept looking and never lost up hope of finding him one day. The family had become penniless as a result of the search.

Time sped fast, and five years had passed. While most of their neighbors had moved to newly constructed houses in better neighborhoods, Liu and his family remained in the same modest ragged house. All these years of searching for their missing son had depleted the family’s savings. Furthermore, Liu didn’t have much time left to look for job while searching for his missing kid.

Liu was conversing with several neighbors in the eastern portion of their town one day. “Liu, I saw your son,” a neighbor called San exclaimed as he ran up to him. He attends Diyi primary school in the city. He appears to have been adopted by a wealthy family. I heard the family’s spouse is a successful businessman. Look for yourself.” After hearing the excellent news, the neighbors were overjoyed.

Liu was excited as well, and he couldn’t wait to go to the city and see for himself whether the youngster San mentioned was actually his son. Nonetheless, some neighbors were doubtful and asked San, “Could you have seen incorrectly? It has been a long time. “Are you certain you still recognize Liu’s son?” “I am absolutely certain of that,” San stated emphatically. When he was a baby, I held him in my arms. I recall him having a distinctive birthmark on one of his arms. I couldn’t have been mistaken.”

Liu had no reason to question San’s ability to fabricate a story about something so sensitive. As a result, he decided to go to the city first to confirm it before notifying his wife. Liu took an early train to the city the next day. When he arrived, he inquired around for directions to Diyi Primary School and eventually found it. He sat in front of the school gate all day until it was time to dismiss.

Many parents were waiting outside for their children at the time. Liu was one of them. He was hoping to see his long-lost son again. Finally, the pupils emerged. Liu examined each one of them carefully, his eyes wide open. Suddenly, he noticed a familiar face: a clean, well-dressed boy was approaching toward him, and his name was Qiangqiang. Liu was overjoyed, and uncontrollable tears welled up in his eyes. He had a tremendous desire to hurry up to his son and take him in his arms.

However, an elderly guy stepped in his path and greeted the youngster first. The old man assisted the youngster in putting on his jacket and then gave him some food before they boarded a car together. Liu was let down. But he knew he didn’t want to lose his son again. He promptly summoned a taxi and instructed the driver to follow the old man’s automobile.

They arrived in an upmarket gated bungalow community. The old man’s automobile passed the guardhouse. Liu stepped out of the taxi. A security guard prevented him from entering the gate. He had finally located his long-lost son and knew where he resided. He decided to go home and tell his wife the wonderful news before discussing how they could bring their son home.

When Liu told his wife about it, she was pleased as well. After so many years of waiting and pain, she couldn’t wait to see her son again. Liu and his wife arrived in town the next day. They waited for several days outside the school and the bungalow neighborhood. They were able to communicate with their son from a close distance on a few occasions. “We should seek the police’s help to get him back,” Liu urged his wife after they determined that the youngster was truly their son.

A thought occurred to Zhang at this point. “Liu, we should let it be,” she responded after calming herself. Qiangqiang has been gone for five years. He might not notice us. Furthermore, he lives with a wonderful family, who appear to have treated him as if he were their own son. Given our current living conditions, bringing him home will only make him suffer. He will not become accustomed to our way of life. I don’t think we should rush back to see him.”

Liu was taken aback at first and exclaimed, “Are you insane? “Do you not want our son back?” “I haven’t gone insane,” Zhang stated once more. On the other hand, when we lost our kid, I nearly went nuts. I’m relieved that we’ve located him. The old man’s family can provide him with a nice life, and by allowing him to live with them, we can be assured of his future. Furthermore, we can still visit him every day if we like. Shouldn’t we be relieved as long as he grows up joyfully and healthily?”

Liu agreed with his wife, but there was one thing he couldn’t get his head around: “Coming to see him every day? “Where can we get money to buy train tickets?” “We can start a small business here in the city, such as selling vegetables or small goods,” Zhang offered. This way, we can earn some money while also being close to our youngster.” Liu agreed with his wife’s suggestion. In the city, they established a little business.

They later started a vegetable stall near the bungalow area, selling vegetables purchased from a wholesale vegetable market. They could see their son every day as he went to and returned from school from the stall. They had never had the courage to reconcile with him. When the old man came to their stall to buy veggies, they would give him special pricing and use the opportunity to ask him about their son.

They gradually became friends with the old man. The old man didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary about Liu and his wife.Another five years have passed in the blink of an eye. All these years, Liu and Zhang have refrained from reconnecting with their son. The boy has reached adolescence. They are so near to him, but they are unable to reunite with him.

The old man came to their stall one day. “I know who you are,” he stated unexpectedly to the pair. I also know you’re here to support your son. Why didn’t you tell him you were his biological parents all these years? Why do you have to wait for me to say it?” Liu and Zhang were taken aback and questioned how the old man had learned about them. “I knew it a long time ago,” the elderly man added. I had someone investigate your background when you first launched this veggie stall here.

You’re here for your son, just as I expected. I was expecting you to say that you are his biological parents, but you never did. Don’t you want to see your son again? I’d like to explain to you why your son has ended up living with me. I was riding the train home from a business meeting that day. I observed your boy was on the train by himself for quite some time. I assumed he had been kidnapped but then abandoned by human traffickers for unknown reasons, so I took the risk and carried him home with me.

I did send folks to look for his parents at the time. Unbeknownst to me, ten years have gone. You can be confident that I have been taking excellent care of him. He is no longer only your son; he is also my son, and I will continue to look after him well.” Tears streamed down Liu’s and Zhang’s cheeks. They knelt in front of the old guy and said, “You are our son’s lifesaver, and we will be eternally grateful to you.”

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