Millions are moved by a video of a lonely youngster knocking on the door of a neighbor in search of friends: ‘He has a lovely soul.’

The lack of strong friendships and the sense of being singled out can be a difficult experience. It is natural for us as social beings to seek friendship and the sense of belonging that comes with having friends. Shayden Walker, an 11-year-old boy from Amarillo, Texas, went on a quest for companionship and made many new friends from all over the world. Shayden approached his neighbor’s house on July 3 and conversed through the family’s front door security camera.

In the video, Shayden indicated his desire for company, mainly looking for children around 11 or 12. He expressed a deep yearning for company.When Shayden’s neighbor Brennan Ray mentioned the availability of some local kids, he said that they were no longer his pals since he felt picked out and bullied by them.Following their brief conversation, Shayden and Brennan explored the potential of his having his own children with whom Shayden might play. He did, however, inform Shayden that his daughter was only a toddler.

Shayden speaks with with Brennan through a door camera, asking if he has a kid he can be friends with.

Brennan was moved by their contact and decided to upload the video on TikTok in order to reach out to Shayden’s family and gain support.Brennan emphasized the significance of conversing with individuals in order to understand the issues they may be facing in the caption.He described Shayden as a polite, friendly, and fearless young kid and asked the TikTok community to assist him in making new friends.

“I figured I’d post it and some locals would see it and help me connect with them,” he explained. The piece, however, far exceeded his goals, reaching nearly 70 million views and earning global attention.According to his mother, Krishna Patterson, Shayden has difficulty connecting with others owing to a variety of disorders, including autism, oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and others.

Krishna stressed the need of knowing that these mental health disorders, which impact both children and adults, can contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness.She added that her kid has struggled to establish friendships and sometimes has “meltdowns,” in which he cries and inadvertently hurts himself and others when people try to calm him down. Shayden has also been pointed out for inappropriate behavior, including an instance while playing tag with a neighbor.

Brennan Ray and his wife, Angell Ray talks on TikTok about how Shayden's search for companionship moved them.

According to Shayden in an interview with USA TODAY, the situation escalated and the neighbor resorted to name-calling.Patterson stated her concerns about Shayden being misled and harassed, saying that when he has meltdowns, some parents are hesitant to have their children interact with him. Shayden’s visit to the Rays’ home was motivated by his great desire to make new friends. “I really just wanted to get to know these people,” he explained.

Shayden remembered the Rays because their dog had wandered into his yard a few months before. Shayden’s family had returned the dog to them, and Shayden had seen them as beautiful people throughout that contact.Shayden mentioned that he now feels positive after his recent visit to the Rays’ home and the tremendous support of countless caring persons.His search for companionship has led to new friendships and connections with people from all over the world, including Hawaii, China, Australia, and England.

Krishna was initially concerned that the video would further humiliate Shayden. “When that didn’t happen, the relief washed over me, and the pure joy that people were actually showing compassion was huge,” she said. People recommended doing something special for Shayden after seeing the TikTok video. Brennan and his wife responded by starting a GoFundMe campaign.Surprisingly, the campaign raised approximately $37,000 to help Shayden fulfill his dreams of purchasing a gaming setup, school uniforms, and amusement park passes.

The Walkers and the Rays posing for a photo.

Shayden stated that he plans to contribute some of the proceeds to disaster relief organizations, the Ukrainian war, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In addition, the family intends to take a vacation, which Shayden has not had since he was a youngster.Krishna chose to close the GoFundMe campaign less than 30 hours after it was launched, recognizing the outpouring of support for Shayden’s search for companionship.

Brennan and Shayden, hugging each other.

She wished to ensure that people did not waste their hard-earned money. She also stressed Shayden’s wish for individuals who have been abused and those who have harassed him to reach out to him. She emphasized that bullies frequently hold unspoken pain, and their behaviors might serve as an outlet for that pain. Shayden understands the impact of scorn and the potential for retaliation because he has been mistreated by others.

Shayden at Soled Out where he gets a new shoes, a haircut and bunch of new friends.

Brennan’s video sparked sympathy for Shayden while also sending a powerful message of tolerance and inclusion.He highlights the importance of giving everyone a chance because one never knows what personal challenges people may suffer. He understands that Shayden’s autism may make it more difficult for him to interact with peers his age, emphasizing the importance of empathy and understanding. “He is a beautiful soul,” he stated. “His joy is contagious, and his smile is contagious.” He’s a nice child.” Shayden’s beautiful but heartwarming video is included below:

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