The waitress burst into tears after receiving a tip from a single woman, and here’s why

Visits to restaurants have occasionally become a true luxury since the outbreak began — and many waiters merely received otherworldly tips. But it wasn’t about the huge sum this time. When the restaurants reopened after all of the lockdowns, some people turned their visit into a true holiday. They practically squandered money by leaving lavish tips. One diner even left a symbolic tip of $2021 for the server.

However, no matter how pleasant it is to receive a large sum of money over the bill, genuine appreciation is sometimes much more meaningful. Megan King’s Sunday shift was routine: take an order, pass it to the kitchen, ask if you liked everything and if you needed anything extra, deliver the bill, bring the change… An older woman entered the eatery about the middle of the day. She appeared befuddled, yet she was no different from any other guest.

Megan accepted the order and proceeded to the kitchen.Megan afterwards assumed the lady’s stillness and eating pauses were an invitation. She wished to speak, to soothe someone’s spirit. However, the girl did not get this. The waitress decided to share this heartwarming anecdote on Twitter. “This story is very sad, but at the same time sweet,” one reader said. “I just wanted to hug whoever wrote this note.”

Some people concluded from the photo that the lady had only left the girl one dollar as a tip and accused her of being stingy. Megan, on the other hand, indicated that this is far from the case. Some of her elderly visitors do, in fact, live on a fixed income. But they strive to tip as much as they can — and they are always welcome, regardless of how much they tip.

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