Antique Store Looking for Family Who Owned This Historic Bible

Books were not always as plentiful as they are now. A working-class family in Europe or the United States might have had only one book: the Bible. For decades, if not longer, this single book would function as the catch-all for family record keeping. Knowing their audience, Bible printers frequently left blank pages for families to fill in the births, deaths, weddings, and other life events that told the tale of that family.

These old Bibles can be fairly valuable nowadays, but they almost never leave the family because they are such a valuable genealogical resource. However, one family Bible in Oregon has been separated from its family.Some antique Bibles contained drawings, and many were further enhanced by the presence of poetry or other reflections that were either written in or placed within as a loose leaf. These volumes served as a storehouse for a family’s history, attitudes, and creative flare, in addition to being documents.

Aunt Bee’s House, an antique store in Salem, Oregon, has published social media posts in an attempt to determine which family owns this incredible Bible. The cover is made of high-quality embossed leather with gold lettering. While the owners of Aunt Bee’s have not revealed what’s inside, the snapshot they uploaded shows that the book is filled with pertinent newspaper clippings dating back decades.

Their yellow edges could include wedding announcements or death messages. Anyone descendant from this line may be able to learn a lot about their ancestors through these clippings. Who knows what else could be hidden between the pages of an antique Bible? The retailer shared a photo of the disputed Bible on Facebook and Instagram, stating that some of the families mentioned within are Hunsingers and Moores, and that the name “John Moore” is scrawled in the front of the Bible.

Aunt Bee’s House provided their phone number in the event that anyone had any information about this unique piece of history. Wouldn’t it be great if more people did stuff like this?One commenter on the store’s Instagram post described how their family Bible had gone missing and how nice it was to have it returned safe and sound.

Let’s hope the same holds true in this scenario!We can image a family in a wagon train heading out West, with very little furniture or decor and the family Bible safely protected as they began their new life. Please contact Aunt Bee’s House if you have any information about where this Bible belongs.

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