Why this father is raising a child with Down syndrome on his own

Unfortunately, there is no fully inclusive environment in Russia, so many parents are hesitant to take responsibility for disabled children. This, however, is not about Evgeny Anisimov! For the past year, the man has been raising his Down syndrome son Misha. And he does it without the help of a spouse.

Eugene’s wife was unable to accept her son’s diagnosis and abandoned the family. She now pays alimony to her child and ex-husband. “A loner,” as he refers to himself, the father is fully engaged in education.

Evgeny admits that his life has changed dramatically during Misha’s year of life — there is more responsibility and less time for himself — but the man has no regrets. He admits that he could not have handled the child on his own and is grateful to his mother for her assistance.

A man not only works and cares for his family, but he also shares inspiring posts about his difficult life with netizens. More than 34,000 people have now signed up for his account. Evgeny Anisimov’s optimism spreads, and the number of his subscribers keeps growing.

The Anisimovs’ life was discussed in local and then Russian media. But little Misha is taken aback: “I emphasize — I am a normal person, not a hero.” It would be fantastic if I could inspire others who are in the same situation as me.”

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