This Firefighter Finds Baby In Safe Haven Box At Fire Station And…

Having a child is one of the most wonderful experiences a couple can have. Vincent and Katie of Ocala, Florida met in the Navy and married in 2016, but they were unable to have a child.One day, Vincent, an Ocala County firefighter, was on duty when the alarm went off, but it wasn’t for a fire.The alarm indicated that a baby had been left in the station’s Safe Haven box, which is a location where parents can leave kids they are unable to care for.

Vincent walked straight to the box and opened it, only to discover a tiny girl staring up at him. He fell in love right then and there and called his wife to tell her what had transpired.Vincent immediately took the baby to the hospital to have her health evaluated. He put a message in the blankets she was covered in that said, “Hello. My name is Vincent, and I’ve worked with the fire department for the past eight years.

(I) and my wife have been trying to start a family for almost a decade and would like to adopt this baby if given the chance.”Vincent was able to take the baby home two days later and finally present her to his wife. Katie fell in love with her right away after viewing the baby. While the adoption was pending, Vincent and Katie named the baby girl Zoey and fostered her.

Zoey became their daughter three months later. A Zoom meeting was used to make the adoption official. Katie shouted, “Holy guacamole, we’re a family!” when the presiding adoption judge proclaimed, “You guys are a family!”In the video below, you can see how baby Zoey completed Vincent and Katie’s family.

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