Emergency services rush to help Brigitte Bardot after a call informing that …

Brigitte Bardot’s name is and will always be associated with extreme beauty. Despite being 88 years old, Bardot is still regarded as an icon.Bardot captured the hearts of millions from the moment she first appeared on the cover of Elle Magazine as a 15-year-old model, and she was swiftly called a sex symbol in her native France. It didn’t take long for her to reach for the stars and make her mark on Hollywood.

Bardot made her film debut as Javotte Lemoine in Crazy for Love in 1952, and her first American project was Act of Love with Kirk Douglas in 1953. But it wasn’t until she secured a job in And God Created Women in 1956 that she developed her famous’sex kitten’ character. In America, the film was considered controversial, yet it helped Bardot reinvent the image of the modern lady.

“I’m a girl from a good family who was raised well.” “I turned my back on it all one day and became a bohemian,” she once stated.While still a huge star, Bardot withdrew from performing at the age of 39. Many people were perplexed by her decision, but she had her reasons. “The vast majority of great actresses died tragically.” “I was saving my life when I said goodbye to this job, to this life of opulence and glitter, images and adoration, the desire to be desired,” Bardot told The Guardian.

“At first, I enjoyed having people talk about me, but it quickly suffocated and destroyed me.” Throughout my 20 years of acting, I would have herpes every time production started.”
Unfortunately, the former model and actress has suffered from health problems. Her husband, Bernard d’Ormale, responded to the press and confirmed Bardot’s health crisis.”It was around 9 a.m. when Brigitte had trouble breathing,” d’Ormale explained. “It was more difficult than usual, but she didn’t pass out.”

Let’s call it a respiratory distraction moment.” He stated, “The firefighters arrived, gave her oxygen to breathe, and stayed for a moment to watch her.” The heat was to blame for Bardot’s discomfort. “Like all people of a certain age, she can no longer bear the heat,” her husband explained. “It happens at 88; she should not exert unnecessary effort,” he added. “Her pulse, heart, and blood pressure are all fine, but things are still fragile.” He also mentioned that their air conditioner isn’t powerful enough. We sincerely hope Brigitte will not have any health issues in the future.

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