The family adopted a kid, but it was later discovered that he had a sister: see what happened next.

Allison and Josh Lewis’ tale is an inspiration that displays the power of love and the tenacity of the human spirit.Despite having only three children, they felt obligated to adopt Mika from Ethiopia, and Julia was born afterwards. Their desire to love all of their children and make a difference in the world prompted them to file an adoption request, and on Allison’s birthday, they learned about a child available for adoption in North Carolina.

What started off as a surprise for the couple became an even larger one when they learned they would be bringing home twins – a girl and a boy.The girl was born with a terrible brain abnormality that doctors thought she wouldn’t survive, and they warned the couple that her life expectancy was questionable.Allison and Josh, on the other hand, understood they had to bring her home and care for her.

The family’s affection for their new daughter, Eva, was apparent, and everyone was looking forward to her birth. Finally, Eva’s hospital director arranged for a unique mode of transportation to safely carry her to her new home. Eva’s family treasured every time with her for six months, but she passed away.Despite the tragedy, the family learnt a lot from it, including the importance of suffering.

Allison and Josh continue to pray for their daughter and cherish the memories they have of her. Their narrative exemplifies the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love in the face of hardship.

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