The mother of three children lost 45 kg in a year, without giving up baking and sweets

The woman has achieved amazing achievement by merely altering her routines slightly. She’s transformed into a whole different person! Georgia Mulbrow, a Louisiana housewife, has always been overweight. At the age of six, the American joined a cheerleading squad but stuck out among the slender and fit females. Georgia had to sew her own clothing at the time because normal sizes did not fit her.

Georgia weighed 104 kg and wore size 56 clothing when her youngest daughter was born in February 2018. Even the simplest actions were tough for her, so she resolved to take control of her health and reduce weight.Georgia has accomplished amazing success, losing more than 45 kilos in 13 months. She began slowly, with daily walks with a newborn baby. She walked 1.6 kilometers with a baby in her arms on the first day, but quickly raised the distance to 3 kilometers.

After acclimating to the loads, Georgia began to look for ready-made training complexes for home classes on Instagram (the social network is considered radical and is banned on Russian Federation territory). Weight and dumbbell workouts were introduced to her regular program as a result. Georgia now works out in the gym six times a week, devoting 40 minutes to strength exercises and 20 minutes to cardio workouts.

It was difficult for an American woman whose day began with six waffles for breakfast to rebuild the food system. However, on the recommendation of a specialist, she began counting calories in order to ensure that the number of calories consumed did not exceed the number of calories expended as a result of exercise. At the same time, Georgia did not eliminate popular Louisiana specialties such as rich gumbo soup and King cake cupcakes from the diet.

A mother with numerous children simply attempted to choose foods with a limited number of ingredients and regulate portion size, while without depriving herself of tiny joys like as ice cream or baking. Georgia urges folks who are just beginning to fight with obesity to take small efforts. “Don’t try to achieve everything all at once,” she advises. Take the first step, then the next. And you will be successful!”

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