Pecan Cream Pie

We’ve all tried Pecan Pie, the sticky-sweet treat that frequently adorns the Thanksgiving table, but this Pecan Pie is something altogether different. It retains the delicious nutty pecan flavor, but it’s all wrapped into a fluffy sweet and creamy filling, creating a whole new Pecan Pie experience – one with a cool and creamy bite. Oh, and other than blind-baking the shell, you won’t need your oven at all.

To make the filling, mix up some heavy cream and powdered sugar until stiff, and then combine some cream cheese, maple syrup, and brown sugar until creamy. Then you carefully fold them together to preserve the fluffiness of the whipped cream.The majority of the nuts are incorporated into the creamy mixture, and the remainder are sprinkled on top before the pie is placed in the refrigerator to set.

You can chill it for longer, but it’ll be ready to serve after two hours. (And, let’s be honest, it’s difficult to wait much longer to go into this.)I love how the nuttiness is complemented by maple syrup and brown sugar, but especially how it’s all wrapped up in a fluffy, creamy bite. It tastes like butter pecan ice cream. However, it is lighter. And topped with a flaky pie crust. What I mean is, don’t even think about passing up this pie.

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