To reach the dream, you must weigh less than 80kg. How does the girl look now?

Kayla Lavende has struggled with obesity for 7 years. Her parents bought her a Barbie doll every time there was a minus on the scales to stimulate her.In the movie or on a plane, you had to purchase a ticket for two seats rather than one. Kayla then took serious action.

She began by having an operation to lower her stomach size, then she began to control her food and gradually incorporate sports into her life.Previously, she didn’t pay attention to what she ate; it may have been fast food or handmade fatty and high-calorie cuisine, and her snacks were frequently before sleep or even at night.

But now the changes are visible! Kayla has changed her diet and looks fantastic.She was able to shed 80 kg! Finally, the girl may show off colourful clothing à la Barbie without looking silly. She may now go to the movies and fly planes without incident! She now incorporates extraordinarily healthy]food and sports into her daily existence.

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