71-Year-Old Man Is A 4-Time Lottery Winner And He’s Sharing The Secret To His Winning Numbers

A four-time lottery winner from Michigan has revealed how he chooses the numbers he plays.The chances of winning a large sum of money in the lottery are exceedingly slim. In fact, the chances are that someone will lose more money playing in state-sanctioned gambling than they will ever earn. Despite the extremely slim probability of winning a significant sum of money, 71-year-old John Sancrant appears to have defied the odds, at least for the time being.

John mentioned that he has won on four separate occasions. According to the Michigan Lottery, he most recently won a significant cash prize when playing the lottery in late June. John won $105,000 on June 26 when his chosen numbers matched those in Michigan’s Fantasy 5 game. It’s a game that John admits to playing frequently. He also mentioned how he chooses his numbers.


“I regularly play Fantasy 5 and always pick my numbers based on birth dates,” John informed the Michigan Lottery.According to The Kansas City Star, John also revealed that when he won the last time, he was eating supper when he saw the winning numbers and instantly knew he was a winner. “I didn’t even have to go get the ticket to double-check,” John explained. John has a certain goal in mind.

This last prize of more over $100,000 was the largest of his four winners, with the dollar amount growing with each dollar amount. Despite his four previous victories and the low odds, John intends to continue playing. He also has a target he wants to achieve. “I’ve had pretty good luck with the lottery,” John said. “This is the fourth big prize I’ve won, and they keep getting bigger and bigger.” I hope to return here shortly for millions!”

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom can be no variation, neither shadow that is cast by turning.” – James 1:17

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