Easy Strawberry Slab Pie

Consider your prayers answered when it comes to finding the perfect, easy, delicious, and visually appealing summer dessert. This strawberry slab pie has the appearance of a jewel-studded stunner and tastes just as excellent, if not better! Isn’t it wonderful that something so lovely and impressive-looking can be made so easily? You’ll need strawberries, a package of refrigerated pie crust, strawberry jello, and some sprite, among other things, and then you’re ready to go!Let’s start with the pie crust.

Stack the two discs of dough one on top of the other, then spread them out into a giant rectangle, about 1217 inches long, that is slightly larger than the jelly roll baking sheet you’ll be using (about 1015 inches). Once that’s in place – be careful, it’s quite thin at this point – bake it so it doesn’t absorb the liquid from the jello. We don’t want any wet pie crust in this house. Allow that to cool before whipping up your jello mixture.

Strawberry jello, sugar, cornstarch, and sprite combine to form a lovely, thick gelatinous concoction that is poured over your strawberries. When it comes to a boil and changes from an opaque pinkish-red to a translucent deep pink, it’s done. Allow it to set in the refrigerator before slicing and digging in! This stunning lady is a total show stopper…We’ll make it appear complex, but no one needs to realize how simple it really is!

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