Apart from appearance, here are 5 other important characteristics that men admire in women.

1. Excellent listener. Some men are incapable of being good listeners by nature, but they always appreciate a good listener in a woman. Your companion will try to reciprocate and learn how to enhance their listening abilities if you are a good listener. This talent is useful not only for your romantic life, but also for your connections with family, coworkers, and friends.2. A pleasant personality

A good personality and a sense of humor can readily capture a man’s interest. Connecting with others is an unavoidable element of human nature, and having a partner who shares your personality is the recipe for a long-lasting relationship. Having the ability to laugh at oneself in a lighthearted way makes you appear more confident and at ease with yourself. Men are always captivated by laid-back ladies who enjoy joking and laughing.

3. Making concessions. Being in a relationship with a stiff person can be unpleasant and produce friction. Men want to be with someone who can negotiate and compromise on an issue.
Compromise does not imply giving up what you need and want; rather, it means finding a happy medium that works for both of you. Making concessions is good for relationships because it teaches you how to work through conflicts.

4. Completion. Women who possess this characteristic are always appealing, regardless of their appearance. You don’t need a high-ranking position or an excellent resume. You simply must be courageous enough to go out and seize what you desire. If you are content with yourself and your life, you will immediately attract the attention of others. Men are drawn to women who know who they are and what they want. Be confident in yourself and your activities, and you will produce a good energy in your romantic or platonic interactions.

5. Unpredictability. Relax and allow things to flow. Men do not want a lady who creates lists, schedules, and plans for everything. Being spontaneous entails performing acts of compassion, love, and gratitude at random. It is also about appreciating when your lover surprises you with a romantic vacation or meal. Keeping the spark alive requires a certain amount of spontaneity.

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