The homeless old man was transformed by the barber, and he is now unrecognizable. Before and after shots

One hairdresser was not scared to take on the transformation of a homeless man and did not regret it, because under a thick beard and tangled hair was a very charming appearance that could win the hearts of more than one.

Today we’ll look at an uncommon transformation: David Kodat, a barber from France, posted a video on social media in which he puts a homeless person in order.The video begins with a man with lengthy, matted hair. His face is obscured by an unruly beard that reaches all the way to his chest, and his expression is completely hidden beneath it.

However, this is the condition in the back of the head — everything is jumbled into one giant lump. So David started working. He snipped out all the strands of hair that resembled a torn carpet. He also trimmed his beard.

At the end of the video, we see a completely different person: he is clipped, well-groomed, and looks nice.Looking at our hero now, it’s difficult to claim he lives on the street. David’s subscribers, who had become accustomed to his talent, were intrigued by such a metamorphosis.

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