A Man Asked His Wife For A Divorce and….

Once upon a time, there was a married man. He returned home after work one night. He was greeted as usual by his wife, but he was not the same. Later that night, he filed for divorce from his wife. Despite the fact that he expected her to become upset, she stayed composed. She simply inquired calmly about the reason. He didn’t answer the question, despite knowing what it was. This disturbed and agitated her.

He fell in love with a different woman named Jane. He had lost his love for his wife. He felt nothing but pity for her. They went to bed that night without speaking to one other. Later, out of pity, the guy wrote a portion of his material possessions to his wife. He handed her the house, the car, and a 30% stake in the company. She grew concerned while reading the papers and tore them. She would never accept it.

Her spouse became much more distant as a result, and he demanded divorce even faster. He was much more certain of his feelings for Jane.The next day, his wife informed him of the only requirement for finalizing the divorce. She asked him to attempt to live as normally as possible for one month since she didn’t want her son’s grades to suffer as a result of their divorce. She also stated that she would like him to carry her into the bedroom every morning before leaving for work, while his kid looks on.

The man agreed, as strange as that seemed. The same day, they began monitoring her conditions. They were ungainly at first, but seeing his father carrying his mother made their son very pleased. He then went to work and then to Jane. He told her about his wife’s desire, and she laughed. The routine was easier to follow on the second day, and the man paid attention to his wife’s face. He was the wrinkles that made him know he was the source of her worry.

The spouse sensed the connection returning on the fourth day. He reflected about the night he asked for a divorce and realized they had no physical contact except when he carried her. He felt closer to her on the sixth day. He also noted she was lighter to carry, but he said nothing to her. It had been weeks since they had begun their routine. He noticed how frail she had become one day while she was getting dressed.

It made him realize how much stress and misery he had given himself, but it didn’t change his opinion about the divorce. When he lifted her up to carry her one day, he held her tightly, exactly as he had on their wedding day. He couldn’t move on the last day of their agreement. He told his wife that they lacked closeness and that they didn’t miss the love, but that they didn’t appreciate the little things in life.

He went to Jane the next day and told her he had changed his mind about the divorce. It caught her off guard, and she became very upset. While returning home to his wife, he purchased her flowers and a card that said, “I will carry you out every morning until death do us part.” At the same time, he felt both excited and nervous.
When he arrived home, he saw his wife on their bed.

While he was having fun with Jane, she was in pain, and her condition worsened with each passing moment he spent with the other woman. She was fighting cancer on her own and realized her time was limited. That’s why she didn’t want their son to be stressed out over the divorce any longer. This is why she asked her husband to carry her every day, to demonstrate to their son that his father is a loving and caring husband.

Couples frequently lose their spark and things begin to fall apart. We are frequently focused with things like employment, money, or social standing, which are all meaningless unless we have someone to share them with. Every couple has challenges, but it is critical that they work together to solve them. This was a wonderful and profound story, and we hope it made you reflect on how brief life is and how we should never take anything for granted.

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