Cheapskate Husband Desires To Be Buried With His Fortune – What His Wife Did Was A Brilliant Move

It’s aggravating to have a cheap mate. Individuals have the right to spend their money however they see appropriate, but in committed relationships, this freedom takes on a new dimension. In this situation, you will have to compromise and learn to live with one another. This is an example of a story like this.I can only assume that greed is involved after reading about the widow who informed her avaricious husband that she would bury him with all of his money.

That was basically his last wish…The dying husband’s selfish dream was to be buried with all of his fortune. His wife’s actions were brilliant.Regardless, his wife is a trustworthy individual who wanted to keep her word despite the ridiculousness of the situation. Clearly, she was attempting to find a way to avoid the absurdity of his request.A man had worked hard his entire life and saved every penny he earned.

He was a tremendous slacker when it came to money. He informed his wife before he died, “Now listen, when I die, I want you to take all my money and place it in the casket with me.” He valued money beyond all else. Just so I can take a large sum of money with me when I die. So he made his wife promise on her honor that she would bury their whole fortune alongside him. That was the day he died.”

His wife sat by his side in complete darkness as he laid flat in the casket. When the funeral had concluded and the casket was ready to be closed, the wife said, “Wait a minute.”‘I hope you weren’t crazy enough to deposit all that money with that stingy old man,’ her friend warned. “Yes,” she confirmed, “I promised.” I wouldn’t tell a lie since I’m a good Christian. I agreed with him that I would bury the money next to him.”

What do you mean you buried all of his money in the casket with him? The woman said, “I did.” “I gathered up the funds, deposited them in my bank account, and sent him a check,” she explained.

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