Drumstick Ice Cream Pie

A drumstick ice cream cone is the only dessert that tastes like my youth. I mean, I still enjoy them as an adult, but one mouthful transports me back to chasing down the ice cream truck or sitting on the searing scratchy concrete near the public pool. I still adore them as much as I did back then, and now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone who doesn’t…

That is why you should recreate that identical combination of sweet and creamy vanilla ice cream and the crisp-crunch of sugar cones, peanuts, and hard chocolate shell for everyone of your pals. I present to you Drumstick Ice Cream Pie.I’m sure we all have different favorite ice cream novelties, but when I think of a drumstick cone, everything else fades from my mind.

I can’t even think of another one right now since I’m thinking about how delicious it is to bite through a hard chocolate shell studded with peanuts to reveal creamy vanilla ice cream. But you probably don’t need me to tell you about the glory.That’s why we turned it into a pie. It’s a crowd-pleaser through and through, so why not serve it in a way that everyone can get a slice? (Even if they are a little sloppy!) This is a VERY simple recipe…

Simply crush some sugar cones and combine the crumbs with melted butter to make the pie crust. Then, a layer of melted chocolate and cream is placed over the crust to resemble the fudgy chocolate that covers the cone’s bottom. What about the ice cream layer? All you have to do is buy a tub of ice cream, let it thaw enough to distribute it in the pie, and then place the entire thing back in the freezer.

While you may certainly use store-bought Magic Shell as a topping, it’s incredibly simple to make your own. Simply heat some chocolate and coconut oil in the microwave to make it! When you pour it over cold ice cream, the coconut oil solidifies again, forming that delicious hard shell of chocolate. And, of course, a “drumstick” wouldn’t be complete without the peanuts – just get them on quickly before the coating solidifies!

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