Wife plays prank on husband by booking him a hotel room with a Hello Kitty theme.

He never anticipated that the room would be completely adorned in Hello Kitty wallpaper when Amy Medusa went to check in to the hotel that his wife had reserved for him. Recently, the Malaysia-based photographer and videographer told on Twitter how his wife played the most amazing practical joke on him, involving everything pink and Hello Kitty!

According to Amy, he and his friend had left for Malacca early on July 10 and were excited to check into the hotel that Amy’s wife had previously reserved for them. They didn’t understand Amy’s wife had played a practical joke on them until after they had checked into the room.It turned out that the hotel room they were scheduled to stay in that night was a Hello Kitty room.

The hotel is a part of the Fantasy Hotel in Malacca, which is renowned for its distinctive rooms decorated in cartoon themes.Amy’s wife may have felt it would be hilarious to play a practical joke on her husband given that she was aware that he was flying to Malacca with a male friend.In his tweet, he also mentioned how his wife found it difficult to control her laughter when he asked her earlier if she had reserved the hotel room.

However, it appears that Amy’s prank was unquestionably effective, and the couple as well as Amy’s friend who seemed to really love the pink towel and the Hello Kitty plush toy presented may have gotten a nice laugh together! The netizens are cracking up over Amy’s tweet, which has now gone viral on social media, and many of them have remarked that the wife has a fantastic sense of humor.

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