“I tried to call my husband while our daughter was being born, but he didn’t pick up the phone.” Then I learned that he had a serious skiing accident and crashed into a tree.”

Katya was in the tax office, attempting to contact her husband Maxim to inform him that she had given birth to their daughter and that everything was well. However, she was unable to contact him. She fell asleep after deciding to call later. Her phone stayed silent the next day. It was odd; Maxim hadn’t even sent a text message.Katya became concerned and began calling all of his friends and colleagues.

Maxim was unknown to everyone. Katya was eventually forced to call her detested neighbor Marina. Marina stated that she had recently seen Maxim, but she couldn’t check on him at home because she had gone skiing on holiday. Maxim’s mother greeted Katya at the tax office. She was also concerned about Maxim. Finally, they were able to locate him in a nearby hospital. Katya was terrified, wondering what had happened to her husband.

Maxim had merely crashed with a tree while skiing, as is normal for beginners, according to the doctor. Katya had no idea what skiing was all about. Maxim had been brought from a ski resort town where he had been skiing, according to the doctor.Everything fell into place for Katya at this time. Marina, her neighbor, had gone skiing on the same day as her husband. While Katya was in labor and worried, her husband was having fun with his lover.

Katya decided to phone Maxim’s mother and inform her that he had been recovered and that she should not be concerned. “I told him that skiing wasn’t the best idea.” “Wait a minute, you knew Maxim was going on vacation with Marina?” “Well, he said he wanted to take a couple of days off before the baby was born to relax and unwind.””And you kept silent about it all this time?” “What are you thinking, Katya?” Maxim’s relocation to our hospital must be arranged.” “All right, you take care of that.” I don’t want to be associated with him any more. Goodbye.”

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