3 important Things that Single Women Deal With

In our society, there is a stigma connected with being single – even though we are all single at some point, and frequently by choice. This stigma exists for both men and women, but there are specific things that single women must cope with that men do not. Single life may be especially difficult for women, from receiving pity to dealing with a hostile dating market.

The majority of these quandaries are related to more general issues that women encounter that males do not. To begin with, women are trained to continuously consider and value their appearances, and whether or not a woman is in a relationship is frequently considered as a barometer of how physically desirable she is. (Of course, it isn’t; there are lots of attractive ladies who are unmarried.)Women live in a world that isn’t particularly safe for them.

According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, walking around unattended raises risks, as does dating, because the majority of sexual attacks occur at the hands of someone the victim knows. Then there’s the age-old belief that women’s happiness is dependent on their capacity to marry and have children. Women’s marital status is significantly more scrutinized than men’s, and unmarried women are frequently pitied.

For these reasons, being single interferes with women’s lives in ways that it does not interfere with men’s lives. Here are seven issues that women face while they are single that men do not. 1. Internalizing Society’s Attitudes Toward Single Women. Singleness is sometimes interpreted as an indication that someone — particularly a woman — has failed to attract anyone’s attention. Women are taught that sexual or romantic attention represents how physically attractive they are and, hence, how much they matter.

Internalizing the belief that we are not attractive enough to be in a relationship might reduce our self-esteem. It’s not often obvious that whether we’re single, how attractive we are, and how much we matter are all unconnected. 2. Receiving Sleazy Pickup Lines About Our Singlehood. “It’s a real shame you’re single.” “How come you are still single?” Most single women have heard these terrible pickup lines,

woman, annoyed

which imply that our singleness is a flaw or a problem that needs to be remedied — and that the person picking us up is a savior who will save us from the dread of being a single woman. These offer as yet more reminder that society views us badly. 3. Considering Whether to Lie and Say You’ve Been Taken. Can anyone blame ladies for trying to notify their picker-uppers that they’re in relationships when we get these pickup lines and others that are much worse?

When women in partnerships receive unwelcome attention, they have an easy way out (albeit this may not always work). However, unmarried women frequently have to choose between their honesty and their inner bubble.

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