Before the wedding, My boyfriend and I decided to live together to get to know each other better. But on the very first day, I changed my mind about marrying him.

Oleg and I had been together for two years, and I knew I wanted to build a future with him, to establish a life with him. When he proposed to me, I didn’t hesitate for a second and said yes.It upset me because Oleg and I had never lived together during our relationship. The problem was that he lived in a tiny flat with his parents, whereas I was in a rented one.I was adamant that we spend some time living together before making such a big commitment as getting married.

Oleg believed I was overcomplicating things, but this was an essential occasion for me. My mother always stressed the need of interpersonal harmony, not just on an emotional level but also in daily life. That’s how I persuaded Oleg to spend a month with me before the wedding.I honestly tried to be the best housewife on the planet, but we encountered a number of problems from the start.

When it came to splitting tasks, it became clear that Oleg simply did not want to do anything. I couldn’t persuade him for the entire month. He would always respond that such were “woman’s chores.” I reflected after this month and realized that I didn’t want to live with someone like that.

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