Wife’s Reaction When She Discovers Her Husband’s Surprise

Men adore giving flowers to their loved ones, but this farmer from Pratt, Kansas chose to make his gift more special to commemorate a significant event. This season, farmer Lee Wilson planted a particular crop to mark 50 years of marriage to his wife Lee. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, he sent her an extraordinary floral gift: a massive sunflower field! Lee explained that he carefully considered a significant anniversary gift for his wife, saying, “Well, we’re celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on August 10th, and you know what a guy gets his gal for the 50th?” And I gave it a lot of consideration because Mom always liked sunflowers.

Lee Wilson gifted wife Renee with a sunflower field for their 50th wedding anniversary.

And I decided this was the year to plant sunflowers, so I gave her 80 acres.” Lee decided to go all out for his wedding anniversary surprise because he knew how much his wife liked sunflowers. How many flowers could be planted on 80 acres of land? “There’s about 1.2 million sunflowers in this field,” Lee stated. That equates to almost 15,000 flowers per acre! Lee covertly planted the sunflower field in May with the help of his kid, hoping Renee wouldn’t find out.

But you can’t keep a massive sunflower field hidden forever, and Renee was moved by the theatrical gesture. When the sunflowers bloomed, she was overcome with excitement.”It made me feel very special,” she remarked. A field of sunflowers couldn’t have been a more beautiful anniversary gift.”The sunflower field is unquestionably suitable in Kansas, as the sunflower is the state flower.

The sunflower field was planted on 80 acres on their farm in Kansas.

This is a truly beautiful expression of love for a couple who met in their teens. The charming couple fell in love at first sight and have been together for the most of their life.”We met in high school,” Lee explained. She couldn’t date till she was 16, so I contacted her on her birthday and we began dating.” He went on to say, “Our first date was a roller skating party, an FFA roller skating party in Harper, Kansas.”

The new Pratt sunflower field is a sight to behold, attracting visitors from all around Kansas. Visitors come to take pictures and marvel at the beauty of a sunflower field in full bloom. This farmer’s act is similar to another farmer’s tribute to his wife. Despite the attention and interest the sunflower field has generated, Lee has no plans to make it an annual event. “Oh, it’s been fun, but I think one time is enough for us,” he remarked. Next year, it will be someone else’s turn.”

The sunflower is the state flower of Kansas.

The stunning sunflower field, on the other hand, is confirmation that love is still blooming for this Kansas couple.Some couples would be delighted with gold earrings, a bracelet, or other jewelry to commemorate their golden anniversary. Lee, on the other hand, was far more inventive in creating a special gift for their anniversary.

Sightseers will have to hurry if they want to capture the floral splendor, as the sunflower season is only 10 to 14 days long. Crowds have flocked to see and photograph the magnificent sunflowers. The sunflower field, which resembles a yellow carpet, is located four miles east of Pratt on the south side of Highway 54.

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