Amish Corn Pie

Corn Pie was not a cuisine I was familiar with until lately, despite growing up near an Amish community. I was apprehensive because of the name, but I’ve yet to try an Amish food that wasn’t absolutely excellent, so I kept an open mind. The Amish are famed for their sweets and comfort cuisine, and this pie certainly tasted like it came from the heart of the country. Corn and potatoes boiled down and baked in a pie crust?

Amish Corn Pie 11-min

Sounds delicious! Some people add chicken to the filling for a heartier dinner, according to what I read, but as a first-timer, I chose to stick with the traditional to see what it was all about.There’s one more element I haven’t mentioned… Eggs that have been hard cooked. Incorporated into the filling. Yes, you read that correctly. This was the section of the dish that made me think twice about my selections. But, when attempting a classic dish, you can’t deviate from the recipe, so I just went with it, trusting the process and generations of cooks before me.

The remaining ingredients are pantry essentials like as salt and pepper, onion powder, milk, and butter. The filling is made using a can of both whole kernel corn and creamed corn, which provides the right blend of creaminess and delicious bursts of whole kernels.

This pie is normally served as a main course, but it would also be a wonderful side dish alongside a protein like pork chops or chicken. This recipe is sure to gratify whenever you’re in the mood for comfort cuisine. It’s particularly kid-friendly, which makes it an excellent choice for family events. If you can please even the pickiest eaters, you know you’ve made a good dish! If you’ve never had Amish Corn Pie, try this recipe; it might become a new favorite.

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