Why Men Prefer Slim Women. A Little Bit Sensitive But Always True

1. Slim ladies are generally thought to be attractive. They have small legs and arms, a tight torso, and no creases. They must be quite gorgeous. They can effortlessly wear body-con dresses and high heels while maintaining a straight stance. Not to mention when they’re in lingerie… (ok, bye)

2. Slim ladies are thought to be sekzually agile. Okay, I’m not knocking my plus-size queens, but let’s be honest: skinny gals r0ck them fellas pretty well. They’re lighter in weight, easier to handle in bed, and all that good stuff. As a result, the males who are similarly active in bed would not want to be duped. It’s similar to Game of Thrones (consider it).

3. Slim ladies are generally regarded as healthy. I know you’re startled since you undoubtedly know a skinny girl who can’t walk three blocks and eats junk like it’s nobody’s business. My bestie is just like that. But because they have flat tummies and smaller waistlines, brisk walks like they’re on the Victoria Secret runway, and so on, guys naturally want to believe they’re healthier than the plus-sized girls. (I see you rolling your eyes again.)

4. Slim ladies appear to be healthier for having children. Slim women are thought to be healthy; their systems appear to be ready for anything, and because they have less fat, it is said that the womb is stronger and can easily bear the fetus without issues.

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