Olivia Newton-John Shares Her Mother’s Last Words To Her Before Death

Lattanzi highlighted her mother’s final remarks and how Newton-John remained alert until she was unable to talk in a recent interview with Koda Kotb. “She could only say to me, ‘My sunshine,'” Lattanzi said in an interview with Today. “And she was cracking jokes just before she lost her ability to speak.”The renowned actress and original Grease star died after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 73 years old at the time.

“I adore my mom more than anything,” she sobbed. “You know, she’s my mother.” She’s not Olivia Newton-John to me, but I’m thankful she was for so many others.”Lattanzi has been in mourning since her mother died six months ago, but she maintains that the love and support of her mother’s legions of followers has helped her get through it. “In fact, it was a life raft.” It’s been like receiving a big hug from the universe.

And I’m grateful to everyone who reached out to us and shared their hearts and connections.”The release of John Newton’s cover of Jolene coincides with the publication of Lattanzi’s interview. Dolly Parton recorded a Newton duet with John Newton as one of her final songs. Olivia’s husband, John Easterling, was present with Lattanzi throughout the conversation and stated that he frequently reminisces to his late wife in the third person.

“Every day, I think about Olivia.” And yet, every day, I’m grateful for the 15 years I had with this extraordinary human being.”Their wedding occurred in 2008. Olivia is Easterling’s one and only real love. Newton-John’s loved ones and colleagues in the entertainment world have expressed their grief over her death. Stockard Channing was one of the co-stars. If you recall, Channing portrayed Rizzo, Newton-John’s opposite persona.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a nicer person,” Channing told People exclusively. “I think of Olivia when I think of summer.” “I will miss her terribly.” Olivia was the embodiment of summer – her sunniness, warmth, and grace come to mind when I think about her. Didi Conn, who co-starred with Channing in the role of Frenchy, also issued a statement. Olivia couldn’t walk during her final days, according to Conn, who remained a lifelong friend of Newton-John.

“She told me that her health was, you know, she wasn’t walking anymore, and she had full-time care,” she recalled, “but her husband John and her daughter Chloe were always there, and she said they were just so hopelessly dedicated.” Conn then revealed her final message to Olivia.”The last time I communicated with Olivia was via text, and I said, ‘I hope you know you’re always in my heart,'” she told The Mirror.

“And she said, ‘And you are in mine.'” That was our final communication on July 5th. Olivia’s death is very personal to me and many others since she was so caring. Her heart was huge.”

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