When a man does the following, it indicates that he wishes for you to lose weight.

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for overall health and happiness. However, it should always be a personal choice rather than something imposed by a spouse. Unfortunately, some spouses may try to persuade their partner to reduce weight, causing feelings of insecurity and discomfort. This post will go through various indicators that your partner wants you to lose weight.

1. He informs you directl. It’s the most heinous of all signs. Your man informs you that you are overweight and should lose weight.The truth is that no matter how he chooses to tell you, it will still hurt. Hearing that you’re fat from your partner can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. Even though it is not his purpose, his statements can be interpreted as emotional abuse. The words “you are fat; you need to lose weight” can be devastating, especially if they come from your man.

2. He Makes Derogatory Remarks About Your Body. These remarks, whether subtle or overt, might make you feel self-conscious and ashamed of your body. If your partner makes disparaging remarks about your body, it’s a sure sign that he’s dissatisfied with your physical appearance. 3. He makes disparaging remarks about your weight or eating habits
He may make remarks about your body size, what you consume, or how much you eat. Even if he says it’s a joke or implies it, these remarks can be devastating.

4. He refuses to be seen with you in public. Another indicator that your lover wants you to lose weight is his refusal to be seen with you in public. He may make excuses for not wanting to go out with you or may insist that you stay at home. This is unpleasant behavior that can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. 5. He motivates you to eat less.
If he is continuously pressing you to eat less, this is another clue that he should be taken seriously.

He may make comments about how many calories you’re eating or propose that you avoid meals entirely. This is a risky practice that can lead to disordered eating patterns. 6. He encourages you to join the gym. He may even offer to pay for your gym membership and force you to go every day. He might advise that you go to the gym together on a regular basis and volunteer to be your gym companion.

All of these are indications that he wants you to lose weight, but he is attempting to be subtle about it. The truth is that telling your lover they are fat can be painful. Some guys take a more subtle approach that won’t make you feel terrible.7. He advises you to experiment with different diets. To reduce weight, your partner may recommend that you try various diets or fads. He may advise you to attempt a juice cleanse or a low-carb diet. This is a bad habit that can lead to harmful behaviors like severe calorie restriction or binge eating.

8. He makes fun of your body in public. This is unpleasant behavior that can lead to feelings of embarrassment and shame. It’s critical to confront this conduct and let your guy know that it’s not acceptable. He Withholds Affection 9. He can hesitate to touch or kiss you because of your weight. This is harmful behavior that can lead to emotions of rejection and low self-esteem. He makes comparisons between you and other women. He may make comments about how other women appear and compare you to them. He may advise you to try to appear like them, which can be cruel and depressing.This is disrespectful behavior that can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem.

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