When A Man Sees His Ex Looking Good, Here’s How He Feels

Breaking up is never easy for males, especially when the feelings are genuine. According to a psychologist, guys never truly recover from it; they simply go on. Imagine his anguish if he runs across his ex at social gatherings, on TV shows, or even on dating sites. Though his face is expressionless, he’s probably feeling something deep inside. Many factors influence a guy’s emotions, therefore we compiled a list of what a guy feels when he sees his ex looking good:

1. remors. A man may come to regret it because he believes he should have stayed with his ex and made the poisonous relationship work. Typically, men compete for partners. As a result, splitting up indicates they have lost their relationship to someone else. As a result, when he sees his ex looking good, he would become nostalgic and sentimental. He would also admit that he cannot relive the happy times he spent with the girl.

2. He will be pleased for her. Even if the relationship was a disaster, seeing his former look well can make him pleased. He might think, “I’m glad she finally found someone better than me.” He may even begin to believe that they are meant to be together again one day! Of course, it depends on how the breakup went down or how it ended, but this is just what goes through his mind when he sees his former looking beautiful.

3. He might desire to rekindle his relationship. Humans are all unique, and no two relationships are alike. A man may wish to move on after a breakup. He may, however, find the new connection as uninteresting as the prior one. When he sees his ex-girlfriend looking well, he will desire to rekindle his relationship with her. He wants to restart the romance because he misses the comfort he felt with her.

If he is familiar with her, he will desire his ex-girlfriend back because he misses having someone he can always rely on when he needs help. 4. admiration. Women frequently seem more gorgeous after a breakup in order to attract more guys. As a result, when men first meet their ex-wives after a split, they will adore their beauty. Guys would sometimes monitor their ex-girlfriends on social media to see their new images since they haven’t found someone as gorgeous as their ex-girlfriends.

Stalking on social media demonstrates how badly he wants you back. 5. They may remember the pas. What do men think when they see their ex looking good? Depending on how the relationship ended, men will have conflicting memories. If their relationship ended on good terms, men will like their ex’s images online. If the pair ends their relationship on bad terms, troubling memories may emerge.

Guys will remember the past because their minds are trying to make sense of things that no longer define their current situation as they did previously. He will be envious.
Some men will be envious and angry because they must see the lady they previously loved with another man. When they see her with another man, they may feel as if they are no longer significant to her.

She is now happy, and it may be very damaging to a man’s ego if he believes he is no longer significant to the woman he previously loved. 7. He will feel bad. If he is the one who caused the split, seeing her looking wonderful may make him feel terrible because she appears to be happy without him, yet he was the one who caused it all. Imagine breaking a woman’s heart who has nothing but love to give and then witnessing her pick up the pieces and become more beautiful and wise than before.

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