5 common reasons why men lose interest in women they once loved

5 main reasons why men lose interest in women they once loved 1. Efforts do not match If your man gives his all but you don’t. He won’t be long before he becomes distant and aloof.
Relationship effort does not have to be the same in value; it simply has to be significant enough to count. You just have to give back. Otherwise, the relationship may appear one-sided, and animosity will begin to emerge.

2. You are unsupportive. It is critical to always let your man know that you are riding for him and have his back, especially if he is clearly doing his best to do right by you. If your words and actions rarely demonstrate support or interest in the things he values, he may begin to believe that you truly do not care about him. 3. Forgery Men are infamous for finding it tough to deal with a cheating wife. No one does, although men are known to be more tolerant of it. That’s ironic, because women are notorious for forgiving men who cheat on them.

4. Sեx drive differences․ If there is a significant s3x dr!ve gap between him and his partner, the relationship will suffer and the man will become frustrated. If either the lady or the male has a higher s3x dr!ve, something will go horribly wrong at some point. This is why it is important to have the dialogue regarding sexual compatibility as early as possible.

5. Impoliteness․ Belittlement, being made to feel insignificant, having your importance questioned, and being made to feel as if your presence, opinions, and being don’t matter… Anyone would want to get out of a relationship in this situation, and guys would be no exception!

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