Wife Promises Daughter Dying Husband’s Letter, Reads It After His Death, and What She Did Is Incredible

A widow who was grieving her husband denied him his final wish of handing his letter to their daughter after he died. She is now questioning if she made the wrong decision. Three years ago, a woman went to Reddit to find out if she was wrong for concealing something from her daughter that her late husband had wanted her to share with the young woman. She began her message by stating that her husband was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor in 2019.

Doctors warned him he only had six months to live, yet he persisted and lived for nine months after his diagnosis.After learning of his condition, the man began writing letters to the two girls he and his wife shared. He composed a letter for each key event in their daughters’ lives and urged his wife to give them to them when the occasions occurred. The girls had no idea their father had written these letters to them.

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The woman claimed that her spouse, whom she had known since childhood and married when she was only 18, was her soulmate, and that his death had been difficult for her to accept.Despite the anguish caused by her husband’s death, the widow stated the good news was that she and her daughters had grown more closer, leaning on one another. Their eldest daughter married a man she had been seeing for six years years after her husband died.

The woman stated that she adored her daughter’s husband and that he had helped all three of the women cope with their bereavement.One of the letters the late guy left his wife was for his daughter’s wedding day. When the time came, however, the woman couldn’t bear the thought of parting with the letter. She elaborated: “I read it and just kept it to myself.” I had his handwriting and his words, and it felt like he was right there with me, and I couldn’t bear the thought of giving that up just yet.

“The woman excused herself by saying that she had fully intended to give the letter to her daughter until she saw it. However, she opted to keep it for herself rather than give it to her daughter on her special day. What happened after the daughter discovered the letter. A week before she wrote her account on Reddit, the mother stated that her daughter and husband had purchased their own home and were moving their belongings out of her home, where they had previously resided.

While they were packing, the woman’s daughter inquired about all of her mother’s vital documents. The mom told her daughter that the documents were in her dresser’s top drawer. The woman had forgotten that her husband’s letter was also in that drawer. The woman had concealed all the other letters in the drawer, so that was the only one in the drawer. When the woman’s daughter opened the drawer, she revealed:

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“She immediately recognized his handwriting, and of course, it was addressed to her, so she read it and broke down.”The woman’s daughter then approached her and began yelling at her for concealing the letter from her, wondering how she could be so selfish. The mom didn’t know what to say except that she wanted to save the letter and offered her daughter to photograph it instead.

Eventually, both of her daughters told her she was evil and that she was hiding far more than just the letters from them. She then asked Reddit members if she was correct. Many users informed her she was mistaken and that her daughters were entitled to the letters because they were addressed to them rather than to her.

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Users referred to the woman as a thief, claiming that her daughters were correct and that she was self-centered. Because of the gravity of the harsh comments, the woman requested that people refrain from sending her direct messages and death threats. Since then, there have been no further updates on the situation.

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