“Either a child or a dog,” – after these words of the doctor, the choice my husband made doesn’t make any sense to me.

What makes this possible? It’s been fifteen years. After fifteen years of living with someone, you believe you know everything about them, and then he announces that his only genuine friend is his dog. And he has no plans to give up the dog, not even for the sake of the child we’ve longed for…” Linda kept replaying her husband’s comments in her thoughts, knowing she would never forgive him.Denis and Linda married while they were still in college.

They were always thought to be an enviable couple. But why was it considered? They were a beautiful couple. They were both attractive and successful, and they never argued about anything, not even trivial matters. It was more enjoyable to give in to each other than to insist on their own way. Everything would have been OK if they had children. Doctors thought it was improbable they would ever happen. Complete happiness, on the other hand, is not for everyone.

Linda fell pregnant unexpectedly after many years of marriage. Denis was ecstatic. During a family council, it was immediately decided that the child would benefit from growing up away from the city’s pollutants. As a result, Denis and Linda immersed themselves into the construction of a beautiful country house outfitted with cutting-edge equipment. The birth went smoothly. It appeared like only a bright future awaited them, but the youngster began to develop breathing difficulties.

Everything seemed fine in the hospital, but as soon as the infant was brought home, she began to struggle for air. They had to return. They went to several doctors after that, but it was an old doctor from the local clinic who was able to figure out what was wrong with the baby. She came to see Rex and the conditions in which their son lived.

Denis’ father had given him Rex as a gift. The dog was quite elderly, and he was allotted a separate room in the house so that he didn’t overexert himself. Denis had a strong attachment to the dog, thus the doctor’s demands to remove the dog not just from the house but also from their lives were met with opposition. “Rex stays, end of story.” “Without this doctor, we’ll figure out how to treat the child,” Denis remarked. Svitlana remained silent. She simply snatched Roma and left.

They have now been separated for some time. Rex died a long time ago. Roma is quite close to her father, and the two get along well. Denis is trying everything he can to win back his wife, but Linda will never forgive him for those past remarks.

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