‘I’ll Teach You Respect!’ Hotel Owner Hears His Daughter Mock Poor Maid

Megan is forced to work in her father’s hotel after he discovers her making fun of a maid, but the spoiled girl devises a plan to avoid her punishment. Megan frames the maid, unaware that she is the only person who will defend her in her time of need.Denise’s forbearance was wearing thin. She had several more hotel rooms to clean, but she was waiting outside a VIP suite for a response from the occupants.

Dance music and voices carried through the door, so she knew they were inside; either they were disregarding her or they were unable to hear her over their party. Denise muttered, “Last chance, room 515,” as she pounded on the door. “I have better things to do than to wait around here.” The door opened abruptly. A young woman wearing designer clothing stood there with a frown. Ten other females were drinking and dancing behind her.

“It’s about time! I requested a maid an hour ago!” the guest exclaimed, pointing to the room behind her. “Amelia threw up, and it’s really ruined the atmosphere, so you need to clean it up immediately.” “It’s only been ten minutes since you called for maid service, Miss, and I’ve been knocking for five. I guess you didn’t hear me.” Denise forced a smile as she pushed her cleaning cart into the room.

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The young woman placed one hand on her hip and peered at Denise as she asked, “Excuse me?” She smirked and closed the door shut. “Are you saying it’s my fault I didn’t hear you knocking? I don’t think so!” However, I do know how to resolve this issue. Before Denise could react or speak, the woman nonchalantly looped the decorative string of vintage brass bells that hung from a corner of the ceiling around her neck. The other young women in the room erupted in hilarity.

“There. Perfect! Now I’ll always be able to hear you,” grinned the unpleasant guest. Denise froze, rapidly realizing she had never been so profoundly embarrassed. “Very funny, but I refuse to wear this,” Denise said as she attempted to remove the tangled string of bells. The loud, jangling noises that resulted from her struggle, however, only caused the women to laugh harder and louder.

They gave the alpha female among them a high-five and said, “Well done, Megan!” She was clearly relishing all the shock and attention. Megan commanded Denise, “Put that back on immediately!” as she pointed at the item. “Or, if you’re tired of working in my hotel, perhaps you’d prefer to be rummaging through trash cans, where trash like you belongs.” The other women in the room surrounded them with cries of “Ouch!” All of them had their phones raised and were evidently recording everything.

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“This is not your hotel,” Denise replied, eying the other young women with suspicion. Megan said, slowly rotating around Denise while staring her down and frowning with disdain, “It is in fact true.” Megan responded, “You’re just too stupid to know what your boss looks like.” She tapped her chin and said, “Now that I think about it, you really don’t have the right aesthetic for my hotel.” This is an upscale establishment, but your visage gives me “born in the gutter” vibes.

Denise had no clue who this woman was, and she didn’t care. She was able to detach the string of chimes and toss it to the ground. “No matter who you are, you do not have the right to treat the people who work here like dogs.” At that moment, the door burst open and a man in a suit entered. It was Mr. Davis, the hotel’s most recent purchaser. Denise’s elation that she was about to be rescued was replaced with horror when he glared at her.

“I’m delighted that you’re here, Daddy. This maid is being impolite and sluggish,” the woman said with a triumphant expression. “That’s enough,” he declared. “I overheard everything, and I won’t tolerate such behavior in my hotel. I’ll teach you respect.” Denise stared in disbelief as her employer marched toward her with an angry expression. This vile child really was the daughter of her boss? Mr. Davis appeared furious enough to dismiss her. Denise began to explain, but Mr. Davis raised his hand to prevent her from continuing.

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Mr. Davis spoke loudly while pointing at his daughter and said, “I was speaking to you, Megan.” He gestured toward Denise and said, “This woman is an example of hard work and respect. She is a better human being than you are, and you will learn from her.” “What are you talking about?” Megan asked her father with a frown. Mr. Davis replied, “Starting tomorrow, you’ll work as this maid’s assistant until she tells me you’ve changed.”

Denise covered her mouth with one hand. She believed she was about to be fired, but her uber-wealthy employer was actually punishing his daughter! And her companions continued to record the entire scene. Megan raised her hands in a beseech gesture, saying, “No way, you can’t—” Mr. Davis returned to the door chanting, “I can and I am.” “There’s nothing to discuss, Megan.” Megan could not believe how cruel her father was being.

Even the fact that her friends had posted the video of him shouting at her on social media didn’t bother him. The only way she could salvage her reputation was by creating a vlog about the entire incident. “So guys, this is my first day working as a maid,” Megan said as she recorded herself walking toward the hotel’s staff entrance. “If you haven’t seen the videos of my father yelling at me, you should check them out immediately. It was so cool of him to play along, and he did an incredible job of pretending to be angry with me.”

Megan giggled and tossed her tresses over her shoulder as she did so. She had visited her stylist prior to work in order to appear her best while filming. It had caused her to be slightly late, but that was a minor price to pay for looking her best Megan grinned at the camera as she opened the door to the laundry room. “The real purpose of this series is to demonstrate what it’s like to work a filthy, menial job,” she said as she opened the door to the laundry room.

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“For every ‘like’ you guys leave on these videos, I’ll donate fifty cents to charity. Isn’t that—hey!” Denise grabbed Megan’s phone and turned it off. “No phones at work,” she stated, “and you’re running late.” “Each time you’re late, you’ll receive a reprimand and a punishment; today’s punishment is cleaning the staff restroom.” I will not do that, and please return my phone because I was live.

“Like everyone else’s, your phone will be stored in the manager’s office,” Denise smiled as she continued to fold bathrobes. “And if you want me to give your father a good report about you, then you have no choice but to clean that restroom.””This is actually so unfair,” Megan said as she leaned against the pile of folded bathrobes. “You must realize how repulsive it is for someone like you to have so much control over someone like me.”

Denise yanked the stack of bathrobes out from under Megan’s elbow and asked, “Someone like me?” “What is that supposed to mean?” Megan pointed to Denise and the piles of towels and bathrobes that needed to be folded and said, “You know, someone who does physical labor.” “I don’t know if you went to school, but you must’ve seen movies where ragged peasants work in the fields for barons and stuff. Well, you’re like the peasant, and I’m the baron.”

Denise’s jaw dropped, and she let out a strange sound, like a combination of a laugh and a wheeze. Megan recoiled in case she had a contagious disease. “You are unbelievable!” Denise exclaimed indignantly. The stack of bathrobes was placed in a laundry trolley. “You’ll be under my supervision for the rest of our lives if you continue to act like this; now clean that restroom or I’ll report you to your father right now, got it?”

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“Fine!” Megan exclaimed. “God, you’re so tightly wound.” Denise rolled her eyes and pointed behind the folding tables to a shelf. “The cleaning supplies are over there; now get to work.” Megan gazed after Denise as she exited the room, pointing to the location of the cleaning supplies. How dare she bellow such orders at me and then leave? How incredibly disrespectful! Megan was still staring in revulsion at the door when she reached for the cleaning supplies on the shelf.

“What a—” Megan shrieked as she collided with the shelf, causing several bottles to fall. One of them landed on the folding table after bouncing off her shoulder. The cap was removed, and an orange gel with a pungent odor was sprayed over the adjacent stack of neatly folded bathrobes. Megan quickly grabbed the bottle and placed it back on the shelf. She muttered under her breath as she searched for a cloth to clean up the foul gel.

The more Megan attempted to absorb the gel from the garments, the more it spread. She rubbed harder, but was only able to leave vivid orange smears on the immaculate white cloth.Voices could be heard outside; someone was approaching! Megan quickly rearranged the stack of bathrobes to conceal the stains, grabbed a few random bottles of cleaning chemicals, and flung them onto a stainless-steel cart in the corner.

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She quickly exited the room and followed the indications to the staff bathroom. She pushed open the door, dragged the shopping cart inside, and chuckled in relief. Now, nobody would have any reason to suspect her of being responsible for the soiled bathrobes. Megan’s laughter ceased when she opened the first stall door and smelt what was inside. Megan dry-retched and buried her face in her sleeve in an attempt to mask the odor.

She approached the toilet while holding a bottle of commode cleaner and raised the lid. Her entire midsection contracted violently, and she diverted her gaze immediately.
“I shouldn’t have looked,” she sobbed. “Oh, my God, what are these people eating!?” Whether she was wearing plastic gloves or not, Megan did not want to touch the toilet again, so she used the toe of her shoe to close the lid and activate the flusher. The flusher did not function.

Megan hurriedly exited the stall after declaring, “That one is officially not my problem.” She grabbed an aerosol can of disinfectant from the cart and doused it everywhere. Then she had the courage to remove her arm from her face and breathe freely. Megan chose to begin with the sinks and finish with the restrooms. It appeared to be the safest option until she noticed toothpaste adhered to the side of a receptacle.

Megan asked with her palms in the air, “Why?” She sprayed the toothpaste with a cleaning solution. As it slowly detached from the porcelain, her imagination conjured images of some snaggle-toothed jerk chowing down on cheap Mexican food, brushing their teeth at work, and then rushing to the stall behind her when last night’s dinner required an explosive outlet.

Megan’s entire body heaved with nausea. She covered her mouth and instinctively turned to run to the restrooms before she threw up, but she halted short. She would never vomit in those filthy, germ-filled restrooms. Denise was walking toward her. Megan hid behind a plastic potted palm near the bathroom door. There was no way Denise would force her to clean the toilets. She’d rather have her nails sanded down or give up smoothies for a month.

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“I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” a man with a heavy accent said nearby. “You’re in big trouble.” Megan bit her lip to keep from weeping as she peered out from behind the plant, and her worries turned to happiness when she saw what she saw: “What’s wrong, Mr. Hernandez?”Denise scowled at the man who had just entered the hallway, whose lapel pin designated him as a manager.

“This!”Mr. Hernandez lifted one of the orange-stained bathrobes Megan had concealed earlier. “You were in charge of bathrobes and towels today, Denise.” Since you did not disclose any accidents, your salary will be reduced by the cost of dry cleaning.” Denise immediately protested her innocence, while Megan observed the conversation. Eventually, Mr. Hernandez ordered Denise to return to her work and cease wasting his time.

“It doesn’t matter if you did it or even knew about it,” Mr. Hernandez said. “All that matters is that it occurred during your shift.” Thus, you bear the responsibility.” Megan felt she may have finally learned something of value from Denise, and she raced after her with a broad grin, as her father had instructed her to do so. Megan followed Denise upstairs to the hotel rooms. She waited until the maid turned the corner at the end of the hallway before running to the nearest room and entering.

When Megan saw the cheap clothing hanging in the closet, she scoffed, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She continued, “Daddy really needs to raise his prices to eliminate his low-class clientele.” Megan discovered what she was looking for after a few more minutes of searching through cheap clothing and shoes from the previous season. “Platinum sprinkle necklace with diamonds and an emerald…this is exactly the kind of tacky but expensive item that would attract Denise’s attention.”

Megan slipped the necklace into her pocket and hurried back to the staff section of the hotel, where she entered the locker room and searched for Denise’s locker. Let’s see what Daddy thinks of her when he finds out she’s a thief, Megan murmured as she gingerly slid the necklace through the locker’s front slats. Megan had to bite her lip to keep from gloating as Mr. Hernandez and the other managers scurried about after the guest reported her missing necklace.

Eventually, the supervisors gathered the entire staff for an announcement. Megan almost leaped for delight when Mr. Hernandez announced that they would be searching the lockers, as this was the moment for which she had been waiting. We are going to begin searching the lockers of everyone who had access to the room, beginning with the cleaning personnel, said Mr. Hernandez.

When Mr. Hernandez opened Denise’s locker, the necklace fell and landed on his shoe, much to Megan’s delight as she watched Mr. Hernandez begin the investigation. “Seriously, Denise?Mr. Hernandez gazed with disgust at Denise as he lifted the necklace. “First the bathrobes, and now I catch you stealing from guests? How dare you! I believed you to be superior to this.”

I did not steal the necklace!”Come on, Mr. Hernandez, you know me,” Denise cried. I’ve worked alongside you for years in this establishment, and I’ve never stolen anything. Mr. Hernandez looked down at Denise and said, “That we are aware of.” “It seems I don’t know you as well as I thought.” Denise clasped her hands and exclaimed, “But you do!” You know I’m a single mother, Mr. Hernandez, so I would never put my employment at risk.

Megan’s joy diminished. Has Denise a child? Oh no…she didn’t realize Denise was a poor single mother, similar to the character in the show Megan and her peers watched. Mr. Hernandez held the necklace aloft and said, “The evidence is right here, Denise.” “You’re fired. This is your last day, and you should be grateful I’m not reporting you to the police.” If Denise couldn’t afford to care for her child, Child Protective Services might take them away.

Megan recalled the day her mother abandoned her and her father to move in with a Hollywood celebrity. She often pondered if she could have done anything differently to convince her mother to stay. No child, not even little Denise’s infant, should have to go through such anguish. Mr. Hernandez pointed at Megan and said, “You, get back to work.” “Room 523 has requested a maid; attend to it.”

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Megan continued to experience conflicting emotions as she entered room 523. It was fantastic that her scheme to get Denise into trouble worked so well, but she was genuinely shaken by Denise’s child. Megan was so preoccupied with her own thoughts that she didn’t realize she recognized the individuals in the hotel room until it was too late. “OMG, Megan, I love the drip.”

Megan stared in dread at the girl who had spoken, Kayla. Kayla chuckled as she pointed with a flawlessly manicured finger at Megan’s maid uniform. “That washed-out, depression-grey color suits you, fam. Don’t you think it suits her, Tammy?” “One hundred percent.” Tammy snickered and aimed her phone at Megan. “Come on, girl, show us what it’s like when your father demotes you from precious daughter to crusty maid.”

Megan reached out to obstruct Tammy’s camera, but Tammy evaded her. “Hey, that’s not how it really is!” Megan exclaimed.” “We’re here to support you, Megan,” Kayla said as she approached her with a can of soda in one hand, clearly feeling like the new leader of the group. “We saw your live this morning and wanted to help you demonstrate what it’s like to be a maid.” As Kayla poured the soda onto the carpet, she grinned. “Guess you’d better clean that up, maid,” Tammy said.

“Stop it!”Megan’s eyes filled with tears as she clinched her hands and exclaimed, “You guys are being so sour.” Kayla placed her hand on Megan’s shoulder and pressed down firmly, saying, “Get on your knees and scrub, maid. This mess will not clear itself up!” Or should we contact reception again and tell them the maid is refusing to do her job, Kayla?” Tammy asked with a chuckle.”

“But Megan desperately needs this position, Tammy. She is one mistake away from being expelled from college, and she will likely fail all of her courses.” Kayla pouted and asked, “Is that correct, maid?”” “I told you in confidence!” Megan exclaimed. “Oh, does that mean your father is unaware?”Tammy circled closer. “Do you think he’ll allow you to keep your maid position if he discovers what a loser you are? He cannot really offer you a lower position, can he?”

“How dare you!” Megan attempted to grab Tammy’s phone once more, but Tammy was too swift. “You came here only to humiliate and ridicule me, didn’t you? I cannot believe I ever considered you to be my family. You detest everyone, including each other.””Enough!”” Denise, who stood in the doorway gazing at the girls, drew the attention of all three girls. Denise instructed Megan to go to the second floor and ensure that all of the rooms have fresh towels. She then assumed control of the situation.

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Kayla elevated her index finger and responded, “I don’t think so.” I will not permit it.” “You don’t pay anyone’s salary here, child, and since it’s my last day here, I’ve got no reason to be polite and cater to the whims of heartless jerks like you and your henchwoman.” Denise elbowed Kayla aside and ushered Megan toward the door. “Thank you, Denise. I guess you aren’t so bad after all.”

“Take care of the towels, and I’ll handle these witches.” Denise pushed Megan out into the hallway and closed the door.The next morning, Denise was searching for a new job when she heard a knock at her door. She sighed and slowly opened the door to find Megan standing there. Denise muttered, “Just when I thought I was done with spoiled, rich people,” as she yanked open the door and demanded that Megan leave, but then she noticed the man who accompanied her.

“Mr. What are you doing here, Davis?” Denise inquired. Megan cleared her throat and stated, “We’ve come to offer you your previous job back.” Megan blushed and hung her head as she explained, “I stole that necklace and hid it in your locker.” “I’m so sorry, Denise.” I previously believed you were a cruel person who only wanted to exert authority over me, but now I understand. I mistreated you, and my father was correct to make me labor with you.”

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Denise gazed at Megan in disbelief; was this the same childish woman who had hung bells around her neck? Megan continued, “I told Daddy everything that’s been going on at college, including how you defended me when Kayla and Tammy were being so horrible. You didn’t have to do that, but I’m glad you did.” Denise responded, “Nobody deserves to be treated so poorly, Megan.”

“Thanks to you, my daughter has learned a valuable lesson,” Mr. Davis said. “You are the kind of person I want working in my hotel. Denise couldn’t believe what she was hearing when Mr. Davis said, “I’d like to offer you a managerial position, and I hope you’ll accept.” However, she accepted the position and consented to start immediately.

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