She had made the solid decision to place her child for adoption. When she held her son in her arms, everything changed in an instant.

Angelina was a solitary, shy, and reserved young lady. She had no friends, and she was uninterested in campus parties. She lived for her studies; books and textbooks were her constant companions, and the university library was her preferred hangout.

Angelina didn’t seek attention, therefore she didn’t know many people at university. She stayed late at the library that evening, and when she left, she decided to take a shortcut via a vacant area. That’s when she was attacked by someone who took advantage of the situation and perpetrated a horrific crime.

He ran so fast that Angelina didn’t even notice his face. Anya found she was pregnant a month and a half later, and the ramifications were clear. The doctor insisted on not terminating the pregnancy because Anya would never be a mother if she did.

Angelina reluctantly decided to give birth, thinking she would later give the child up for adoption, putting her education ahead of the child’s care. When she saw her son in the foster home, though, something inside her changed.”I will never, ever give you away.”

As she looked at the child, she thought, “You are mine and mine alone.” His mother was moved by the boy’s vulnerability. Anya shivered at the recollection of almost abandoning “Mishka” (her son’s nickname) in an orphanage two years later.She has no regrets and is overjoyed to have a son like Mishka.

Mishka enjoys living with his mum as well. Mother and son strolled through the park. Their spirits were high because the weather was wonderful. Mishka never stopped asking questions, and his mother, thrilled by his curiosity, provided detailed answers.Passers-by grinned as they heard their conversation. However, the mother and son were unaware of anyone else. They live for each other, and the world is theirs.

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