5 Little Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Relationship

A flawless relationship is unattainable because, as you are surely aware, neither you nor your spouse are perfect persons. But that doesn’t imply your relationship has to be all squabbles and no enjoyment. Relationship disputes and missteps are few and far between in an ideal world (or at least in my head). In the real world, though, we all make mistakes in our relationships.

That is why it is critical to understand all of the minor blunders that are destroying your relationship so that you can perhaps avoid them.There are numerous basic relationship blunders that nearly everyone does. I know I’m guilty of at least a few of the following, and while I’m not proud to confess it, I am proud of the efforts I make every day to keep my relationship strong, loving, nurturing, and supporting.

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Sometimes that means admitting I’m wrong (even when I don’t want to), and other times it requires remembering to gently express my needs to my partner rather than assuming he’ll figure it out on his own. Finally, every relationship has its ups and downs, but it is the progress you make together that matters. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for these 49 common dating blunders to avoid prematurely ending your relationship.

1 You “remind” them all the time. According to Psychology Today, it’s not bad to remind your partner of major things, but it’s when you repeatedly remind them of minor details (such if they cleaned the dishes to your liking or if they paid the bills) that things can turn bumpy in your relationship. This is a typical behavior that might harm your relationship since your spouse may begin to avoid you if all of their contact with you are unpleasant reminders of what they haven’t done yet or what they are doing incorrectly.

2. You Begin Every Conversation With Criticism. One of the blunders that might ruin your relationship, according to Mind Body Green, is starting a conversation with a criticism or assault. These words will immediately elicit defensiveness and wrath from your partner, and you’ve effectively lost the war (sorry, dialogue) you were intending to start.

3 You try to persuade them to change. According to Woman’s Day, the most common error people make in relationships is attempting to change their partner. Many individuals believe that if our partners love us, they will alter to accommodate us. Even if your partner tries to change something to please you, it frequently causes to resentment because they believe you don’t love them enough to accept them as they are. You don’t want to develop the habit of expecting your partner to adapt to meet your every desire.

4 You Concentrate On The Negative. According to Cosmopolitan, one way that women destroy their relationships is by noticing and focusing solely on the bad aspects of their partners. For example, perhaps your partner supports your career choices, always brings you flowers when you’re stressed, and tucks you into bed just right when you’re sick, but instead of thanking them, you spend most of your time complaining about how they can never do the dishes just right. This conduct will eventually become burdensome for your partner.

5. You assert that “nothing is wrong”. I’ve been guilty of sulking or pouting in front of my spouse, and when he finally asked what was wrong, I responded “nothing” or “it’s fine.” According to The Everygirl, this is a relationship error that you should avoid. Pretending that nothing is wrong and avoiding the problem benefits no one in the long run.

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