The boy noticed a grandmother lying strangely on a bench in the park. He tried to ask her if everything was okay, but the grandmother didn’t respond, even though her eyes were open.

Bogdan was driving home from school, cursing himself for the hundredth time for not listening to his mother. She had informed him that it was cold outside and recommended him to dress warmly. But Bogdan felt that a light coat would be more appropriate today. All he could think about was hot tea and a cozy bed. He was exhausted from the demanding lessons at school. But then he observed an elderly lady lying strangely on a park bench.

What was she doing lying there? It was chilly outside, and there was snow all around.Bogdan tried to ask her if everything was fine, but she didn’t react despite her eyes being open. Concerned, he warmed her hands with his gloved hands. They were as freezing as ice. Then he started contacting his father, screaming for help because no one was paying attention or calling an ambulance while he yelled. His father arrived in an ambulance and rushed the old lady to the hospital. Bogdan couldn’t stop thinking about the lady all evening.

His father promised to pay her a visit in the hospital the next evening. Bogdan was commended by the hospital staff the next day. The elderly lady had suffered a heart attack, it was discovered. It might have been too late if Bogdan hadn’t responded promptly. The lady introduced herself and started crying and hugging Bogdan.

She used to be a teacher, it turned out.Following what had occurred, she went to the principal of the school where Bogdan was a student to commend him. She was later appointed as a teacher at the school and currently teaches Bogdan biology. She frequently uses Bogdan as an example to the entire class to demonstrate how refusing to be indifferent can save someone’s life.

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