Amish Pasta Salad

Amish Pasta Salad is the pasta salad for you if you prefer most of your foods to be sweet. While it contains many of the same components as a traditional creamy pasta salad (mayo, celery, and so on), it also contains a few extras to make it really special. It’s creamy, crispy, and amazing in every way.

While pasta is the main component, there are also hard-boiled eggs, celery, sweet onion, pimentos, and bell pepper for crunch and flavor. While macaroni can be used, shells have a more substantial crunch and a way of capturing all of that delectable sauce.

The creamy basis of the dressing is made up of both mayo and sour cream, and it’s seasoned with garlic powder and celery seed. A little granulated sugar and sweet relish add sweetness; it’s more than you’d expect from a pasta salad, but it’s balanced with apple cider vinegar and mustard.

The end result is a pasta salad that is quick to create but packed with ingredients that complement each other well. Sweet and tangy, crunchy and chewy, zesty and cool, but most importantly, every nook and cranny is coated with comforting creaminess.

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