Bury Banana Peels All Over Your Garden, Look What Happens A Week Later

Within a week of planting bananas across your garden, you may notice sprouts. It may take 2-4 weeks for the plants to establish themselves, depending on the environment and soil type. Once established, banana plants will begin to produce leaves that can be collected for food or items such as paper or building components.

Small yellow flowers develop at the top of each stem after about 3 months of growth, depending on temperature and light exposure, and then turn into bunches of bananas that ripen in 4-6 months following pollination. With proper maintenance, such as composted manure fertilizer and regular watering during dry months, your banana plants should provide nutritious fruit all year!

You’ll be amazed at the transformation a week after planting bananas all over your garden! Not only will this tropical fruit tree make your yard seem lush and vivid, but you may also find yourself with a few extra bunches of ripe bananas to savor. There are numerous advantages to introducing banana plants to your yard, from providing shade during the hot summer months to attracting pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

Furthermore, when gathered at peak maturity, they make an excellent snack! Watch the video below!

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