This woman is moved to tears by unexpected words of encouragement from a ‘hardcore’ gym dude.

Everyone acknowledges the necessity of preserving one’s health, however many individuals find it difficult to exercise. Going to the gym to workout might be very intimidating. While staying active is admirable, there may be a lot of pressure to achieve a certain level of fitness or at least a desired physique while entering a gym. A gym membership ensures that going out on a regular basis becomes part of one’s schedule, but it also exposes you to criticism from others.

Working out in a gym on a regular basis might be scary, especially for people who are overweight. While most people have learned to be more accepting of others and to embrace body positivity, fatphobia persists. Gym culture can also be cruel, but this should not prevent those with large bodies from reaping the full benefits of training centers. Steph, a freelance artist from Jacksonville who is overweight herself, didn’t let any of these stereotypes keep her from working out at her local gym on a daily basis.

She is nervous at times because she has witnessed rude behavior from other clients. However, a recent interaction with a devoted gym patron demonstrates the potency of encouraging words. Steph detailed what happened when an extremely tough, hardcore gym goer – who was covered in tattoos – approached her in a now popular TikTok video she filmed in her car. She was naturally concerned about what he was about to say to her.

Despite working out regularly for two years, Steph was having problems losing weight due to the steroids she was taking to address a medical condition.

She had expressed her grief over bullies, and two younger males just came up behind her in the gym as she was leaving and coughed the word “ogre.” Steph was working out frequently and persistently in an effort to keep healthy, despite the fact that losing weight was tough due to the drugs she was on. So she braced herself for anything he had to say, and what he did was completely unexpected, but greatly welcomed.”I’ve seen you in here every week, almost every day,” he continued.

Responses to the viral video motivated Steph to continue working out regularly and consistently.

I see you here every week, and I’m proud of you.”These little words of support from a stranger made such an enormous difference. His statements brought her to tears because she had been working out consistently for two years but had been struggling with her development in recent weeks. Steph was self-conscious about her weight. “There are a lot of thoughts going through your head being a bigger woman in the gym because there are people of all ages in there,” she explained.

Words of encouragement from a fellow gym goer left her in tears.

Different body types, such as highly fit and not fit, play with your head, especially if you’re an over-thinker like me.” After experiencing body shaming at the gym, the words of support made such a difference. “You have no idea how people going through something appreciate kindness,” Steph continued. He didn’t have to say it because he didn’t have to. He has no idea what I’m going through. He made my day. I appreciate people like you who encourage us.”

She continues to challenge herself and stay focused on being fit and healthy.

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