Mom Issues Attention After Toddler Nearly Loses Vision Due to Bath Toy

Bath time is a magical moment for both children and parents. We enjoy buying them a variety of bath toys to increase their enjoyment. However, one mother from Illinois issued a stern warning about a seemingly innocent bath toy that can cause children’s eyesight loss. Eden Strong was bathing her son Baylor when she realized his eyes were inflamed. She attempted to clean his eye with water, but it only made matters worse.

It came as a surprise to her that he had been diagnosed with cellulitis, a potentially fatal bacterial infection. It can spread and create major health concerns if left untreated. His eye changed from pink to infected in about 12 hours.”His eye was protruding from his face,” she stated in a Facebook post that went viral. “It was quite hazy. He was sick with a high fever.

“I cried the entire drive to a larger hospital, praying that he wouldn’t lose his eye.”The following week was terrifying. He had acute cellulitis, which crept down his face and into both eyes. They informed me that he would lose eyesight in the poorer eye, but thank God, his eyes mended.” A squirting bath toy was the source of his infection.”I later discovered that because the water is never completely expelled from those types of toys, they can just grow bacteria that you can’t stop,” she explained.

Eden continued to upload upsetting images of her son’s sickness in order to warn other parents. The post has been shared by over 322,000 people and viewed by millions. Other parents also uploaded photos of their children with the same issue.

We have high expectations that manufacturers will take this into consideration while making the next batch of similar toys. Even after the accident, she threw away all the squeezable toys. “Those toys, in particular, are adorable.” They’re entertaining. They’re cheap and simple, but they’re not worth it.”

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